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Evolution of Maritime Strategy and National Security of India

by: Sugandha

The book addresses the major concerns of India’s policies relating to the Indian Ocean that need to be viewed to ensure the security of maritime borders to facilitate international trade as well as strengthen the comprehensive security of the country from various sources of threat.



ISBN: 9788186921463
Year Of Publication: 2008
Edition: 1st
Pages : xxvi,509
Bibliographic Details : 12 Maps; 6 B/w photographs; Bibliography; Index
Language : English
Binding : Hardcover
Publisher: Decent Books
Size: 23 cm.
Weight: 950


The volume takes up concerns that need to be viewed to ensure the security of maritime borders to facilitate international trade as well as strengthen the comprehensive security of the country from various sources of threat. It first gives a description of the Indian Ocean Rim countries and their historical background, the geo-economic and geo-strategic importance of the Indian Ocean as well as its many aspects like weather and minerals, and India’s maritime and security strategy. Taking up the political dimensions of maritime security, it deals with important topics like the International Law of the Sea, Maritime Law, India’s policy, maritime boundaries and India’s maritime disputes. The economic aspects of India’s maritime security are covered in detail. It also analyses the power struggle of the major powers in the Indian Ocean. Extensive in its coverage and analytical data as well, it covers the Indian Navy and armaments and other armed forces with reference to the Indian Ocean security, the foreign policy of India with respect to Indian Ocean Rim countries and the futuristic directions of its maritime strategy in great detail. The volume contains figures including maps and graphs which ably support the text. The book is an in-depth study of India’s maritime strategy and its link with national security and therefore is sure to interest scholars and students involved in research in this field.


List of Graphs And Tables
List of Maps and Figures
1. Introduction
Historical Background
Indian Dominance
Portuguese Dominance
Dutch Dominance
French Dominance
British Dominance
Establishment of British Indian Ocean Territory
British Withdrawal from East of Suez
Geo-Economic and Geo-Strategic Importance
India’s Security and Maritime Strategy
National Security Objectives
Salient Features of the Security Environment
Maritime Security
2. The Geographical Framework of the Indian Ocean and India
Islands of the Indian Ocean
Parts of the Indian Ocean
Tributaries of the Indian Ocean
Straits, Channels and Sea Routes
Land Routes, Air Routes and Cable Lines
India: Location and Physical Settings
Western Coast
Eastern Coast
3. Political Dimension of the Indian Ocean and India’s Security
Freedom of the Seas (International Law)
Maritime Law
Concept of Zone of Peace
India’s Policy
Maritime Boundaries
India’s Maritime Disputes
India’s Co-operation and Community Feeling with the Indian Ocean Countries
India Needs “Tactical Move” in Twenty-first Century
4. Economic Dimension of the Indian Ocean and India’s Security
Economic Strategy
Foreign Trade
Energy Security
Global Scenario
Crude Oil in India
Financial Implications
Natural Gas and Pipelines
Maritime Trade, Commerce
International Co-operation in Maritime Shipping
Indian Ocean Memorandum of Understanding (IOMoU) — Port State Control
Security Concern Over Energy Shipment
Major Problems of Indian Ports
International Economic Associations
Principles of the IOR-ARC
IOR-ARC Objectives
IORBF (Indian Ocean Business Forum)
IORAG (Indian Ocean Rim Academic Group)
India and IOR-ARC
BIMSTEC (Bangladesh–India–Myanmar–Sri Lanka–Thailand Economic Co-operation)
5. Power Struggle in the Indian Ocean
Power Potential of Major Powers in the Indian Ocean Region
6. Armaments and Armed Forces With Reference to the Indian Ocean
The Indian Navy
India’s Nuclear Weapons Programme
Limited War
Arms Control and Disarmament
Pakistani Ballistic Missiles
7. Foreign Policy of India
India’s Relations with important Indian Ocean Rim Countries
Australia — Bangladesh — Djibouti — Eritrea — Indonesia — Iran — Kuwait — Malaysia — Mauritius — Maldives — Myanmar — Oman — Qatar — Saudi Arabia — Seychelles
8. Maritime Strategy of India and Futuristic Directions
Evolution of Maritime History of India
Genesis and Developments of Indian Navy
Indian Marine (1612–1686) — Bombay Marine (1686–1830) — Indian Navy (1830–1858) — Her Majesty’s Indian Navy (1858–1863) — Bombay and Bengal Marine (1863–1877) — Her Majesty’s Indian Marine (1877–1892) — Royal Indian Marine (1892–1934) — Royal Indian Navy (1934–1950)?
Pre-Independence Plans of the Indian Navy
Post-Independence Plan of the Indian Navy
The Making of the Modern Indian Navy
Organization of Indian Navy
Organization of Naval Headquarters (NHQ)
Indian Coast Guard (Bharatiya Tata Rakshak)?
Comparative Naval Strength
Maritime Co-operation in the Indian Ocean
Defence Budget
Elements for Strong Maritime Power
Futuristic Direction
9. Conclusion
1. Findings
2. Suggestions
3. Charter of the Ior-Arc
4. BIST-EC Declaration

Meet the Author
Dr Sugandha is an expert in maritime security, particularly India’s multidimensional defence and security. She has actively participated in numerous seminars and conferences held in different parts of India.
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