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Cultural Tourism in India

Museums, Monuments & Arts (Theory and Practice) by: S.P. Gupta , Krishna Lal , Mahua Bhattacharyya

The book explores various facets of Indian social and cultural thought and life that make the country an attractive tourist site: its people, history, arts, food and drink, customs and lifestyle. It includes a variety of discussions and data on tourism: tourism-related organisations and conventions, eco-tourism and India’s wildlife scenario, for instance.



ISBN: 9788124602157
Year Of Publication: 2010
Edition: 2nd
Pages : xxviii, 451
Bibliographic Details : 11 Folded maps; 6 B/w photos; 54 Coloured photos; Appendices; Bibliography; Index
Language : English
Binding : Hardcover
Publisher: D.K. Printworld Pvt. Ltd.
Foreword By : Jagmohan, Minister for Tourism and Culture, Govt. of India
Size: 23 cm.
Weight: 900 gm.


The book is a detailed exploration of various facets of Indian thought and life that make it a popular cultural tourist site for visitors from all over the world. It presents an account of India’s people, history, national flag and national anthem, dance, drama, music, painting, textile, pottery, food and drink, and customs and lifestyle that comprise the multifaceted components of India’s culture. It describes all the major places of pilgrimage and festivals and scenic beauty in India, and lists state-wise a number of historical cities and sites that stud the length and breadth of the country, its attractive monuments steeped in history and its museums laden with treasures from the past. It brings out the special attractions in India for the western tourist who is primarily interested in those aspects of Indian culture that give a deeper meaning to life at physical, spiritual, mental and moral levels. The work offers, for students of tourism, data on various aspects to cover their syllabus: national and international tourist flow, tourism-related organisations and conventions, eco-tourism, India’s natural heritage as, for instance, its wildlife. It also gives an account of historical evolution of tourism in the world context. For professionals in tourism, there is information on organisation of package tours, tour circuits, tour planning, training of guides and marketing of tourism. Appendices discuss institutions where tourism is taught, tourist information centres in India and abroad, and tourism related periodicals.


— Shri Jagmohan, Minister for Tourism and Culture, Govt. of India
Transliteration Chart
List of Illustrations and Maps

Part – I
Cultural Aspects of Tourism
Definition of ‘tourist’ – Scope of Tourism – Abstracts from the Speech of Dr. Karan Singh
1. History of Tourism
Tourism up to 1841 – Modern Tourism: Phase I (1841-1918) – Modern Tourism: Phase II (1918-40) – Modern Tourism: Phase III (1945-72) – Modern Tourism: Phase IV (1980-2002)
2. India: Land, People and History
The Physical Background – The Population – National Symbols – The Constitution and the Government – Glimpses of Indian History – The Principal Cultures, Dynasties and Rulers of India (3000 bc — ad 1950) – Presidents of the Republic of India
3. Museums Monuments and Cognate Subjects
Art and Architecture – Chronology of Early Indian Art Styles – The Religious Heritage – Traditional Arts and Crafts – Music and Dance – Food and Drink – Cultural Tourism for Domestic Tourists – Museums, Libraries and Academies – Some Specialised Museums – Classified List of Art and Archaeology Museums – Classified List of Science, Natural History, and Technology Museums
4. Some Popular Religions of India
Buddhism – Jainism – Hinduism (Vaishnava and Shaiva Religions) – Islam – Sikhism – Zoroastrianism – Christianity
5. Ancient Indian Literature
Sacred Literature – Secular Literature
6. Festivals in India
National Festivals – Regional Festivals
7. Indian Food and Drinks
8. Yoga: Philosophy and Practice
9. Music in India
10. Classical Dances in India
Kathakali – Bharata Natyam – Kuchipudi – Kathaka – Odissi – Manipuri
11. Indian Architecture
Hindu-Buddhist Architecture – Rock-cut Monuments – Temple Architecture – South Indian Temples – Indo-Islamic Architecture – Pre-Mogul Architecture of Delhi – Mogul Architecture – Modern Influences
12. Sculpture and Painting
Terracottas – Bronzes – Paintings
13. Applied Arts of India
Indian Textiles
14. Monuments
Standardised Facilities – Monuments of Uttar Pradesh – Monuments of Bihar – Monuments of Madhya Pradesh – Monuments of Rajasthan – Monuments of Tamil Nadu – Monuments of Karnataka – Monuments of Andhra Pradesh – Monuments of Maharashtra – Monuments of Orissa – Monuments of Gujarat – Monuments of Delhi
15. Other Places of Tourist Interest
Eastern Region – North-Eastern Region – Northern Region – Southern Region – Western Region – Tourist Circuits in India – River Valley Projects – Ports
16. Eco-tourism and India’s Natural Heritage
Eco-tourism –Sacred Groves – Wild Life – Parks and Sanctuaries – Other Tourism Varieties

Part – II
Practical Tourism
17. Tour Planning
Travel Agency – Tour Promotion – Package Tours
18. Transportation and Accommodation Planning
Road Services – Rail Services – Air Services – Accommodation – Different Types of Accommodations
19. Guidelines for the Guides
Definition – Scope of Work – Mannerism – Guiding in Monuments – Guiding in Wildlife Parks – Subsidiary Duties of a Guide – Training of Guides
20. Policies for Tourism and the related organisations
Need for National Tourism Administration – Tourism Planning in India – Positioning Tourism as a National Policy – Enhancing India’s Competitiveness as a Tourist Destination – Improving and Expanding Product Development – Creation of World-Class Infrastructure – Developed, sustained and Effective Marketing Plans and Programmes – Information Centres – Tourism Training Institution – Indian Tourism Development Corporation (ITDC) – Tourism and Travel Organisations
21. Tourism Marketing
Steps in Tourism Marketing
1. The WTO Global Code of Ethics for Tourism
2. PATA Code for Environmentally Responsible Tourism
3. Information Centres in India and Abroad
4. Tourism Related Periodicals
5. Tourism Training Institutes in India
6. Tourist Statistics and Earnings in 2000
Select Bibliography
1. India, Tourist Centres
2. India, Buddhist Sites
3. India, Jaina Sites
4. India, Sites of Principal Temples
5. India, Sites of Principal Islamic Monuments
6. India, World Heritage Cultural Sites
7. India, Major Tourist Circuits
8. India, Delhi Tourist Circuits
9. India, Mumbai Tourist Circuits
10. India, Kolkata Tourist Circuits
11. India, Chennai Tourist Circuits

Meet the Author
Dr. S.P. Gupta, Ph.D., D. Litt. presently Chairman, Indian Archaeological Society, New Delhi, is a specialist in field archaeology and art history who has been awarded several gold medals besides the Sir Mortimer Wheeler Prize for excellence in archaeology. He has worked and lectured in more than 30 countries of the world. He has authored a number of books including Disposal of the Dead and Physical Types in Ancient India (1971), Tourism, Museums and Monuments (1975), Archaeology of Soviet Central Asia and the Indian Borderlands -- two volumes (1978), The Roots of Indian Art (1980) -- the French edition of which was published in 1990, and Elements of Indian Art (2002). He has also edited many books and published about 50 articles in various journals and books.
Ms. Krishna Lal, formerly Keeper National Museum, New Delhi, has served as Advisor for Documentation and Cataloguing Art Objects in the Indira Gandhi Centre for Arts. She has contributed research articles to various journals and authored the book, Bidri Collection in the National Museum, New Delhi (1990) and co-authored the work, Tourism, Museums and Monuments in India (1975).
Books of Krishna Lal
Mrs. Mahua Bhattacharyya, M.A. in archaeology, is at present associated with the Indian Archaeological Society to create awareness about the country’s cultural heritage through the Society’s educational activities. She is currently also engaged in a doctoral thesis on pilgrimage tourism in India. She has, to her credit, a diploma in Mass Communications as well.
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