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Vijayalayam Jayakumar
1924,  Male ,  Indian ,  Director, Sreenarayana Research Centre (SRG)

A scholar, researcher and litterateur of wide repute, Vijayalayam Jayakumar (born: 1924) was awarded a Ph.D for his well-received dissertation on the autobiographical genre of Malayalam literature. And has had fairly long association with the Malayalam Lexican Department of Kerala University, and later with Oriental Research Institute at the Kariavattom Campus. Currently, he is Director, SNR (Sree Narayanaguru Research) Centre, Peroorkada, Thiruvananthapuram.
Dr. Jayakumar’s creative writing: in both prose and verse, has appeared in about forty books, including the two fictional works that are conceived on an epical scale. One of these novels, namely, Kunti-Atmadugham Ente Sugham has already been translated into English, under the title: Delight in Distress.

1. Malayalam Kalavedi Award (1972).
2. Gurudeva Sahithya Vedi Award (1976).
3. Mitra Nikethan Award (1984).
4. Mythri Sahithya Award (1992).
5. Kavanalayam Sahithya Award (2000).
6. Suseela Smaraka Sahithya Puraskaram (1997).
7. Sahridaya Vedi Award (1983).
8. Kerala Panini Award (1992).
9. Sree Narayana Samiti Literary Award (1989).
10. Sree Narayana Education Cultural Society Award (1989).


1. Member — Kerala Sahithya Academy
2. Member — Sahithya Pravarthaka Sahakarana Sanghom, Kerala (SPSS)

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