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TRR Iyengar
1962,  Male ,  Indian ,  Advocate, Freelance Journalist, Lexicographer

T.R.R. Iyengar, with keen interest in Hindu mythology, religion and philosophy, is a freelance journalist who has published scholarly articles on various aspects of ancient Hindu thought and culture. Apart from contributions to the Encyclopaedia of Hinduism, he is known for his well-compiled The Hindu Mythological Dictionary and the work, Hinduism and Scientific Quest.

1. Best Spiritual Writer – City Cultural Association, Madurai
2. Life Time Achievement Award – United Writer’s Association


1. Lion’s Club-Madurai
2. Consumer Council Member
3. Secretary Public Grivance Redressing Society

1. The Spirit of Upanishads, Sapatagiri Journal , 1995
2. The Role of Image worship in Hindu Culture, Sapatagiri, 2000
3. Dhyana Yoga, Sapatagiri Journal, 1997
4. Vyasa, the Arch Builder of Hinduism, Sapatagiri Journal, 1996
5. The First Three Alvars, Sapatagiri Journal, 1996
6. Vedic Henotheism, Sapatagiri Journal, 1998
7. Symbology, Sapatagiri Journal, 1998
8. The Gita Doctrine of Bhakti Yoga, Sapatagiri Journal, 1996
9. Pilgrimage of Tirumangai Mannan, Sapatagiri Journal, 1998
10. Ramanujar’s Philosophy, Sapatagiri Journal, 1998
11. The Science of medicine in Ancient India, Sapatagiri Journal, 1995
12. The Gita doctrine of Karma Yoga, Sapatagiri Journal, 1997
13. The Literary Art of Valmiki, Sapatagiri Journal, 1995
14. Morality in the Upanishads, Sapatagiri Journal, 1996
15. The Gita and Hinduism, Sapatagiri Journal, 2000
16. Hinduism and religious Evolution, Sapatagiri Journal, 1999
17. Cosmogony, Colour Tone, 1996
18. The Origin of Universe, Colour Tone, 1996
19. Fight Overa Dam, Nagpur Time, 1993
20. Trouble Brewing Over Bedthi Project, Maharashtra Herald, 1992

To Be Published
1. Dictionary on Vedas, Eastern Book Linkers
2. Dictionary on Indian Puranas, Eastern Book Linkers
3. Dictionary on Indian Epics, Eastern Book Linkers
4. Dictionary of World Gods and Goddess, Eastern Book Linkers
5. Vaishnavism, Indian Bibliographic Centre
6. Hindu Mythological Dictionary, Indian Bibliographic Centre
7. Architect of Hinduism, Sura

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