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Peter Paul Kakol
1967,  Male ,  No More

Peter Kakol (b. 1967) lived in Geelong, a city in the Australian state of Victoria. Raised a Catholic, he began early to question his faith, and this led to an interest in philosophy and world religions.
Christianity and Buddhism were the traditions which most fascinated him. But the only religion in which he could truly believe was one of his own creation. Hence he began to develop a blend of process thought and Buddhism. This culminated in his doctoral dissertation at Deakin University.
A year before his death from cancer, in 2002, Peter Kakol completed his PhD.

Process thought (member of Australasian Society for Process Thought)
Buddhist Philosophy (especially Madhyamika, Tibetan, and Zen)
Worldview analysis and comparative philosophy.
Contemporary european philosophy (especially Deleuze, Derrida, Levinas, Heidegger).
History of world philosophy.
Political philosophy (nonviolence, globalization, libertarian socialism).
Human rights (member of Amnesty International).

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