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Nina Champaklal Bhavnagari
1952,  Female ,  Indian ,  Retired Associate Professor

Dr Nina Bhavnagari did her postgraduation in Sanskrit (Alamkarashastra) and was awarded M.P. Dave Gold Medal. The research project on critical edition of Vicharadipa, a treatise on poetics by Bhagavatkavibhatta earned her PhD. She had a long academic career, and several of her books have been published including Vicharadipa with an Introduction and English translation. She has presented many research papers in seminars and conferences of national level and they have appeared in reputed journals and magazines.

1. UGC Scholarship for P.G. Studies in Sanskrit, 1972-1974.
2. Mohanlal Parvatishankar Dave Gold Medal for standing 1st class 1st at M.A. Exam. Veer Narmad South Gujarat University, Surat (1974).
3. Sragdhara Nandi Prize for the best paper presented in Indian Poetics Section, All India Oriental Conference, 42nd Session, Varanasi, 2004.


1. Life membership of All India Oriental Conference, Pune.
2. Life membership of Druk Bharati, Allahabad.
3. LIfe membership of Kathasarit, Allahabad
4. LIfe membership of Sagarika Samiti, Sk. Vibhag, Dr. H.S. Gaur University Sagar (M.P.)
5. Life membership of Natyam, Natya Parishad, Sk Vibhag, Dr. H.S. Gaur University Sagar (M.P.).
6. Life membership of Forbes Vidyasabha, Mumbai.
7. Life membership of Gujarati Sahitya Parishad, Ahmedabad.

1. Subhru or Subhra? Bhagavatkavi’s View, Journal of the Oriental Institute, Baroda, vol. 47, 1-2 Sept.-Dec., 1997.
2. Problems in Critically Editing a Text Available in Codex Unicum, Journal of V.N. South Guj. University (Annual), 2003
3. Nature of rasa in Kuntaka’s Vakrokti Theory, Journal of the Oriental Institute, Baroda, vol. 58, 1-2, Sept.-Dec. 2008.
4. Vedantic Stotras of Shankaracharya (read), National Seminar on Devotional Literature in Sk., Oriental Institute, Baroda, Dec. 2008.
5. ‘Maricika’-Parampara-bhanjah Kavyasanchayah, Sagarika, Book 40/1-2 V.S. 2069, 2010 AD.
5. Presented at least fifteen Research Papers either in Gujarati or Hindi in National/State Level Seminars organized by various organisations.

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