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Laxmi Ganesh Tewari
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Living in a Guru-Shishya-Parampara with the late Dr Lalmani Misra, Laxmi Ganesh Tewari underwent extensive training in Indian classical music. Dr Misra arranged for his study of vocal music with Pandit Madhav Vaman Thakar. Laxmi completed his Doctorate in Music, with honours, from Banaras Hindu University. In 1968 Dr Tewari went to the United States to study and teach at Wesleyan University, where he completed an MA and a PhD in Ethnomusicology. He is currently a Professor of Music at Sonoma State University. Dr Tewari is an accomplished performer, teacher and scholar. He has collected the musics of India, Turkey, and Trinidad and has produced numerous recordings from his field research.

Outstanding Professor Award, Sonoma State University
Friendo of the Library Faculty Award, Sonoma State University


Society For Ethnomusicology
International Council for Traditional Music

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