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L. Thara Bhai
1949,  Female ,  Indian ,  Professor & head, Dept. of Sociology, MKU Dean, Endownment and Development, MKU.

Dr. L. Thara Bhai, Ph.D., has been associated with the International Sociological Association as Vice President of RC22 and is a member of the Managing Committee of the Indian Sociological Association. She has specialised in religion and state, women’s studies and gerontology and her research works include Woman in New Professions and Status of Widows in Contemporary Tamil Nadu.

Standing Committee member of UGC for Ambedkar Studies
Visiting Professor: University of Helsinki, Finland, April-May 1997.
Selected under Indo — Hungarian Cultural Exchange Programme to visit Hungary in 1990.
Served as Consultant, Sundaram Textiles, Madurai (TVS Group) for the preparation of their memoir Booklet


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