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Korada Subrahmanyam
1954,  Male ,  Indian ,  Professor

Prof. Korada Subrahmanyam has been at the Centre for Applied Linguistics and Translation Studies University of Hyderabad, since 1988. Right from an early age, the teacher was imparted education in Gurukula system and he is a blend of Oriental and Occidental types of Education. Paniniyan Grammar, Philosophy of Language, Translation, Linguistics, Indian Literary Theories, Vedangas, Darshanas and Machine Translation – are some of his subjects of interest. Prof. Subrahmanyam was a UGC Visiting Fellow at MS University of Baroda during 2000-01. The Indian Council for Cultural Relations, under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, drafted him for Visiting Professorship abroad in 2005. The teacher was honoured with 11 Panditasammanas at different places across India.
His other works are – Mahavakyavicarah Vakyapadiyam (Brahmakanda, English Trans.); Four Vrttis in Panini, Pramanas in Indian Philosophy (in process).

1. 2 Medals & 2 Prizes in M.A. (1st Rank)
2. One Research Medal – Best Thesis
3. 25 Panditasammanams
4. UGC Visiting Fellow, M.S. University, Vadodara, Dec. 2001-Jan 2002


1. Vedic Tradition in Andhra, Dravidian Encyclopaedia, Trivandrum, 1982.
2. The Analysis of Vedic Texts, Vedoddharim, Delhi, 1987.
3. Discourse Analysis, vedic & Secular, Vedoddharim, Delhi, 1988.
4. Discourse: Oriental & Occidental View Point, Purnatrayee Tripuneetura, Kerala, 1990.
5. The Deciding Factors of Meaning, CALTS Working Papers, University of Hyderabad, 1989.
6. The Divergent Views on Sphota Theory, Visweswarananda Indological Paper Series – 754, Punjab University, Hoshiyarpur, 1994.
7. Problems in Literary translation, Contemporary Research Indica, Jaipur, 2003.
8. The Concept of Kavya, Research Journal, Rashtriya Sanskrit Sansthan, Tirupati, 2006.
9. The Concept of Jati in Panini, Bhashapradeepa, Orio Bhasha Sansthan, Bhubaneswar 2007.
10. Prof. P. Sriramachandran’s Monograph on Bhatti, Sriramachandrapratibha, Jayalakshmi Publications, Hyderabad, 2008.

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