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K. Srinivas
1955,  Male ,  Indian ,  Professor & Head, Dept. of Philosophy

Professor K. Srinivas (1955) is currently Head of the Department of Philosophy at Pondicherry University, Pondicherry. He received his PhD degree from Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, in the year 1983. His areas of interest include: Indian philosophy, analytic philosophy, epistemology (East & West), philosophy of science, and modern logic. He has published a number of papers and books on the above mentioned areas. His books include: A.J. Ayer’s Logical Positivism (1990), A Dictionary of Philosophy (1993), and P.T. Raju (2001). Professor Srinivas travelled widely and presented papers at the International seminars held in the U.S.A., West Indies, Germany, Austria, and Thailand. He was a visiting faculty at the University of Oregon (U.S.A.), Chemnitz Technological University (Germany), and Assumption University (Thailand).


Member, Indian Philosophical Congress
Member, Austrian ludwig Wittgenstein Society
Member, International Congress of Vedanta

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