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John McLeod
1963,  Male ,  Canadian ,  Professor of History, University of Louisville

John McLeod was born in Toronto, Canada, and in 1993 received his PhD in Indian history from the University of Toronto. In 1995 he joined the University of Louisville, U.S.A., where he is now chair of the Department of History. Besides Sovereignty, Power, Control, he is the author of The History of India and (with Kenneth Robbins) of African Elites in India.

President’s Award for Outstanding Scholarship
Research and Creative Activity (University of Louisville) 2003
Dean’s Award for Outstanding Scholarship, Research and Creativity
Activity in the Social Sciences (College of Arts and Sciences, University of Louisville) 2002
Hony Rajvanshi Genealogist, Rajvara Heritage Institution, Rajkumar College, Rajkot, 2001.


Member, Association for Asian Studies
Fellow, Royal Asiatic Society of Great Britain & Ireland (elected 2006)

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3. “The English Honours System in Princely India,” Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society, 4.2, 1994.
4. “A Model Prince?” History Today, 45.12, 1995.
5. “Without Precedent: The Sinha Peerage case,” Southeast Review of Asian Studies, 19, 1997.
6. “The Deaths of Prithviraj,” South Asia, 24.2, 2001.
7. “A Numerous, Illiterate and Irresponsible Bhayat,” Journal of Imperial and Commonwealth History, 35.3, 2007.

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