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T.V. Chandran
1967,  Male ,  Indian ,  Lecturer in Art History

T.V. Chandran is Lecturer in Art History in the Government College of Fine Arts, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala. He obtained his Masters in Art History and Aesthetics from the MS University of Baroda, Gujarat. He has been doing research on teyyam since 1992. This book is part of his on-going research for which he received a fellowship from the Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts (IGNCA), New Delhi in 1997. He has presented papers in national and international seminars on Art and folklore and has been contributing to periodicals on related issues. He also regularly writes on contemporary art. Another of his major work in progress is Adhunika Chitrakala : Avasthayum Akhyanavum (in Malayalam).

Fellowship for the Project, The Tradition of Teyyam: An Art Historical Interpretation, awarded by IGNCA, New Delhi, 1996-97


1. Face-paintings of Teyyam: myth, History & Performance, International Congress on Kerala Studies, held by centre for Development Studies and AKG Research Centre, Thiruvananthapuram, August 1994.
2. Towards Conceptualising the Painting on the Faces: The Case of Kathakali and Teyyam, Seminar on the Pictorial Tradition of Kerala, held by International Centre for Kerala Studies, Thiruvananthapuram and Kerala Lalithakala Akademy, 1997.
3. Art and Society: Who Excommunicated Whom?, Seminar on the Writing on Art: The Southern Region, held by Lalit Kala Academy (Madras Regional Centre), November, 2002.
4. How is Art History Produced? For Example De-curating, Seminar on Contemporary Art Practices in Kerala, College of Fine Arts Trivandrum, 2003.
5. Probing into the Faces, The India Magazine, Vol. 15, 1995
6. Art and Political hegemony, Chitram, Journal of Kerala Lalitha Kala Akademy, April, 2004. (Under publication).

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