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Ashaben Lallubhai Patel
1959,  Female ,  Indian ,  H.O.D. Department of Economics

Dr. Ashaben I. Patel, a senior Lecturer, teaches economics in Smt. Meenaben Kaundaliya Arts and Commerce Mahila College, Rajkot. She has authored a number of books and also contributed various articles to different academic journals. Her papers have been accepted for regional and national level conferences and seminars. She has undertaken and completed ten research projects independently and is also associated with Centre for Economic, Rural and Gandhian Studies, Rajkot as Managing Trustee.

President of India Honoured and Awarded as best Teacher.


1. Managing Trustee, The Centre for Economic, Rural and Gandhian Studies, Rajkot.
2. Member of Executive Committee Gujarat Economic Association.

50 Articles have to bear published in periodical like Arthsanklan Yojna, etc.
20 conterenee/seminar, Research papers have bear published in conterence volumes from 1995 to 2011.

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