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A.D. Bhattacharya
1942,  Male ,  Indian ,  Retired

Sri Ramakrishna devotee and IITian Arun Deva Bhattacharya (born 1942 at Allahabad) had a knack for spiritualism and music from an early age which made him run to profoundly wise people frequently. As such spirituality co-existed in this technocrat’s life.
Entry to spiritualism and divinity was easier for him since he had free movement in English, Hindi and Bengali along with working knowledge of Sanskrit. Out of his presentations Bengali translations of Ramacaritamanasa and Bhagavata Purana, and Bhagavater Manimukuta and Bhagavata Ratnavali (in Bengali) are worth mentioning.

Love from readers is considered by me as the highest award.


Life Member of the Institution of Engrs. (India)

I had been a regular writer in Hindi and Bengali Journals.

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