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A Socio-Economic Study of Company Paintings (CE 1757-1857)

The paintings of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries are recognised as a valuable source for the study of social and economic life during the colonial period. A deep study of the Company paintings of the time is significant...

Buddhist Tantra and Buddhist Art

In (perhaps) secret defiance of the rigid prescriptive codes of the Buddhist monastic order cropped up a new, esoteric cultic phenomenon. Which, later known as Buddhist tantra, not just compromised Shakyamuni's ethical lega...

Feminine Beauty in Indian Art and Literature

The book is a study of Indian art representing devotion, love, human moods and sentiments, especially in its depiction of female sculptures on ancient temples. It begins with a discussion on Indian art as synthesis of the subli...

Impact of Tantra on Religion and Art

With its roots (perhaps) in the prehistoric times, Tantra is a unique, highly complex spiritual tradition of India. Which is hard to define and still harder to be grasped by the non-initiated -- largely because of its occult an...

Yoga-Tantra and Sensuousness in Art

The word yoga and the various concepts associated with it are being interpreted and understood with great interest the world over especially in recent years. This work by a noted research scholar, Dr. T. N. Mishra explor...