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This book contains, as the title suggests, the nectar or amrita of bhajans mostly in praise of Lord Krishna, the everplayful God in the Hindu pantheon. Each bhajan has been transliterated into Roman to facilitate the readers who cannot read Devanagiri to enjoy their singing....
Chalisa Sangrah
This book is a collection of the stutis (chalisas) of Lord Ganesh, Hanuman, Shani, Batuk Bhairav, Siva, Krishna at one end and Goddess Lakshmi, Durga, Vindhyeshvari, Gayatri, Sarasvati at the other. All these chalisas in a single book makes it unique....
Glimpses of Paintings from Kala Mandapa
Indian miniature paintings have a rich and variegated tradition that ranges from the earliest known examples painted on slender palm leaf folios in Buddhist monasteries to Company paintings. Glimpses of Paintings from Kala Mandapa features miniature paintings from the Neotia Collection, Kolkata on d...
Puja Pushp
For daily devata worship this book will be very useful -- it contains sacred hymns in praise of the principal gods and goddesses. Some selected Chaalisaas are also included....
Shirdi Sai Chalisa
In this book, alongside the 40 verses or chaalisa, are given their meaning in Hindi and their English translation. Sri Sai Baba aarati is also included....
Shri Hanuman Chalisa (64 p)
Invoking Lord Hanumana for his blessings for the sake of knowledge, strength and wisdom in general and for the mitigation of difficult situations in particular, is a common practice among devout Hindus. As per belief and practice the solution lies in the recital of Hanuman Chalisa. The Small, hard-...
Shri Hanuman Chalisa with English Translation
For hundreds of years the devout Hindus have been invoking Lord Hanumana for his blessings by reciting Hanuman Chalisa for overcoming difficulties and diverse situations as also for strength, knowledge and wisdom. This unique hard-bound beutifully illustrated booklet 'Hanuman Chalisa' offers reader...
Shriram Janmabhoomi, Ayodhya, U.P., ke sandarbh mein bahudha puche jane wale prashno dwara sach janiye
How many of us know about the persons involved in pulling down the controversial structure — the Babari Masjid — in Ayodhaya? What is the importance of Ram janmabhoomi? Was the Babari structure built on the portions of Ram Mandir? All this and much more in a Question–Answer form, based on gro...
Somvar Vrata-Katha
This book elaborates the glory of the story of ßSri Somavarû and meticulously details the nuances of Monday fasting in English and Hindi. Shiv Chalisa and Sri Shiv-Panchaksharastotram are also given....
Sri Bhairav Chalisa
This book, in addition to Bhairav Chalisa, contains the Bhairav Prarthna, Sankatamochan Bhairvashtak, Dasa-Nam Stotra, Kalyankari Mantra, Ashtottar Satnaam Bhairav Stuti, along with Batuk Bhairav Chalisa, Batuk Bhairav Panjar Kavcham, Kalabhairavashtakam and Aartis of Bhairav and Batuk Bhairav....
Sri Brihaspati Vrata Katha
This book gives detailed information on the observance of Brihaspati-vaar vrata (fast on Thursdays), the story behind this fast, the rules of observing it, as also the benefits accrued....
Sri Durga Chalisa
Besides 40 verses praising Sri Jagadamba, this book has 42 beautiful pictures glorifying the Divine Mother, along with recitation rules, Devi Sukta, Sri Durgaa Maanasa Puja, Bhagawati Stuti, aarati, Tantric Durgaa Yantra etc....
Sri Hanuman Chalisa
This booklet has 40 verses (Chaalisaa) together with rules for recitation, Hanumaan aarati and 44 colourful pictures depicting the glory of Sri Hanuman. ...
Sri Shiv Chalisa
This booklet -- unique in its genre -- gives rules for chanting the 40 verses in praise of Lord Shiva, together with Shiva Maanasa Puja, Sri Rudraashatak, Mritunjaya Stotra, Shiva Stuti, aarati, etc. There are also 43 beautiful pictures depicting the Lord's leelas....
Sri Shyam Chalisa
The book contains, besides 40 verses or Chalisa of Sri Khatu Shyam (in Rajasthan), His story, stuti, and aarati....
Stuti Manjari  (Book with audio cassette)
Stuti-Manjari is a collection of some famous Sanskrit shlokas that form an intrinsic part of the daily worship and prayer of the Hindus. The fifty-four shlokas compiled make obeisance to Shiva, Vishnu and his avataras (incarnations), the Sun God, the Earth Goddess, Mahalakshmi (Goddess of wealth), S...
Sunder Kand
Taken from Ramcharitmaanas, this small book contains rules for doing Sundar Kaand Puja and includes Hanumaan Chaalisaa, Sankatmochan Hanumaanashtak, Bajrang Baan, Sri Ram Stuti and Hanuman and Ramayana aaratis....