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History and Culture of Tamil Nadu: Vol. 1 (Upto c. AD 1310)

by: Chithra Madhavan

A comprehensive work on chaste Sanskrit inscriptions of ancient Tamil Nadu, under Pallavas, Pandavas, Coëas and their vassals; focussing on the then prevalent socio-economic, literary, religio-cultural and administrative paradigms. A valuable contribution to the field of epigraphy and history of Tamil Nadu.

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ISBN: 9788124603802
Year Of Publication: 2013
Edition: 2nd
Pages : xix, 306
Language : English
Binding : Paperback
Publisher: D.K. Printworld Pvt. Ltd.
Size: 22 cm.
Weight: 470


Inscriptions are the most authentic and vital source for reconstructing the history of India. Epigraphs were composed in Sanskrit in various parts of India and the ancient Tamil country was no exception to this practice. Among the thousands of epigraphs found all over Tamil Nadu, a large number are composed in chaste Sanskrit and these as well as the Sanskrit portions of the bi-lingual copper-plate records serve as an important source of data about the conditions which existed in the ancient Tamil country. These Sanskrit inscriptions are also excellent pieces of prose and poetry and reveal the high standard which this language had attained in the ancient past in the Tamil country. This is a comprehensive and interesting work dealing with the Sanskrit inscriptions of ancient Tamil Nadu belonging to the period of the Pallavas, Pandyas and Colas and their vassals. It focuses attention on aspects of civil and military administration, social and economic life, education, literature and also the religious and cultural conditions of those ages. These inscriptions serve to highlight the cultural richness which Tamil Nadu enjoyed specially under the Pallavas, Pandyas and Colas. This book is a valuable contribution to the field of epigraphy and to the history of Tamil Nadu.


Preface to the Second Edition
Preface to the First Edition
Transliteration Chart
List of Plates
Section 1
The Hathigumpha Inscription of Kharavela
1. The Inscription
2. The Date of the Inscription and its Author
3. Kharavela
Personal History
4. Socio-Political Conditions
5. Jainism
6. Epilogue
The Bhabru Edict of Ashoka
1. Discovery, Text and Translation
2. Magadhe or Magadham
3. Identification of Scripture
4. Buddhism and Ashoka
Prakrit and Brahmi
1. Genesis of the Prakrit Languages
2. Tradition of Writing, and Scripts, in Ancient India
Appendix I
Appendix II
Appendix III : Additional Notes
Appendix IV : Chronology
Appendix V : Transcription Chart of Brahmi Script
Appendix VI : Symbols in the Hathigumpha Inscriptions

Meet the Author
Dr. Chithra Madhavan obtained her M.A. Degree in Indian History with first rank in 1988 from the University of Madras. In 1989 she received her M.Phil. degree from the same University. Subsequently, she obtained her Ph.D. degree in Ancient History and Archaeology from the University of Mysore in 1999. Her Doctoral dissertation has been published as a book entitled “History and Culture of Tamil Nadu – Vol. I.” She was awarded the Junior Fellowship in Epigraphy by the Department of Culture, Government of India for the period 2001-03, and the present book embodies the results of this research work. She is now the recipient of a Post-doctoral Fellowship from the Indian Council of Historical Research, New Delhi. Dr. Madhavan has contributed a number of research papers on epigraphy, art and architecture to various seminars and reputed journals, and also many popular articles to newspapers on Indian history and art.
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