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Gita Govind of Jayadeva

Study in Sahitya & Natya by: Dr. Sharda Narayanan , Sujatha Mohan



ISBN: 9788193081211
Year Of Publication: 2018
Edition: 2nd Edition
Pages : xxii, 321
Bibliographic Details : Appendix; Index
Language : English
Binding : Hardcover
Publisher: Ambika Aksharavali
Size: 25
Weight: 850


“…delves deep into the poetry of Jayadeva and throws new light on many little known aspects of Sanskrit kavya literature. The way words play in the Gitagovindam is a true marvel. All the technical details and classifications as also the multiple streams of expression in such poetry, the subtelities of puns and alliterations, and the inherent beauty of rasa and dhvani are brought out … It is a labour of love, and is worth studying because among all our ancient literature, this magnum opus alone has been the inspiration for the best in our arts – music, dance, painting, sculpture and more. Bhakti and Sringara rise and set in a profound cycle in this poem, like the sun and moon in an eternal flow of light and shade (This book) shares the pleasures of Sanskrit poetry with us, making the case for Sanskrit studies a must in modern India. What a loss to our civilization if we do not wake up to it now.” — (Lakshmi Viswanathan) KALAKSHETRA JOURNAL ISSUE 6, Feb 2017
“…The authors vividly elucidate the Nayaka and Nayika bhedas. The ten stages of love, called kamavasthas,….as elaborated in Natya Sastra, were beautifully employed by Jayadeva, and this is accurately pointed out by the authors…. the English translation of each verse is committed to the original without deviation….kudos to the authors who have unearthed the notes and established the raga and tala as mentioned by Jayadeva.
The effort in presenting this treasure trove for easy rendering of verses with well-hyphenated words is commendable.” — (M. Varadarajan) FRIDAY REVIEW, THE HINDU, June 23, 2017
“The Gita Govinda transports one to the world where everything glows with the love of Radha and Krishna. It reminds us of beauty in nature, the wonder of creation and complete surrender to the Lord. The work is a welcome addition to one’s collection of books. It brings us to the magical world of dance and music through the eyes of a Sanskrit scholar and a mature, expressive dancer. Two experts in their respective fields have come together to write this book. It makes the poetry much more meaningful and is a value addition to the world of literature and arts.” – (Meenakshi Krishnan) The JOURNAL of the MUSIC ACADEMY MADRAS,VOL 88, Dec 2017


1. Literaty perspective
2. The Tradition of Natya
3. Jayadeva’s Votive Offering in Verse
4. Translation and Notes
5. The Text of the Gita Govinda
A. Appendix

Meet the Author
Sharda Narayanan received a firm foundation in Sanskrit literature, Nyaya and Vedanta from the late Vidwan C. Anantacharya. Academically brilliant right through, she received Master's degrees in Physics and Sanskrit from Bangalore University and later researched Vakyapadiya at JNU, New Delhi. She has taught Physics at Notre Dame Academy, Patna and Mount Carmel College, Bangalore for several years and also taught Sanskrit at the JNU. Fluent in Tamil, Kannada, Hindi, Sanskrit and English, as also very active in Sanskrit drama she has a keen interest in travel and English literature. She is most suited to studying and interpreting Sanskrit texts and has already several published research papers to her credit.
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Dr. Sujatha Mohan holds M.A. in Sanskrit from Madras University, M.F.A. (Bharatanatyam) from SASTRA and Doctorate in Sanskrit (Natya) from SC SVMV, Kanchipuram. She has been teaching dance theory and practice for over twenty years and is currently Head of Department of Natya, Dr. MGR Janaki College, Chennai.
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“Gita Govind of Jayadeva”

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