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Sheila McDonough
,  Female ,  Canadian ,  Professor Emeritus

Sheila McDonough, a McGill’s Ph.D, is an internationally known scholar specializing in Comparative Religion, more particularly Islamics, Her numerous research papers/articles apart, she has already published four books, including The Authority of the Past (1970) and Muslim Ethics and Modernity (1985) – which have evoked enormous interest not only in South Asia, but North America as well. She has also contributed chapters in as many as nine books, including the Encyclopaedia Britannica, new edition, 1972. Among her other faculty, department and external administration positions, she held, in 1972, the office of Resident Director, Shastri Indo-Canadian Institute, New Delhi.
Since 1975, Dr. Sheila McDonough has been Professor of Religion at Concordia University, Montreal, Canada.


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