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Sampath Narayanan
1936,  Male ,  Indian

1. Beginnings of Pancaratra, IGNCA.
2. Somayaga, IGNCA.
3. Agni, IGNCA.
4. Vigraha, IGNCA.
5. Alankara, IGNCA.
6. Theory of Meaning in Indian Systems, IGNCA.
7. Apastamba Srautasutra, IGNCA.
8. Gitagovindam, IGNCA.
9. Commentaries on Gitagovinda, IGNCA.
10. Natyashastra & Its Commentaries, IGNCA.
11. Metres of Gitagovindam, IGNCA.
12. Survey of Manuscript Repositories in India, IGNCA.
13. Unpublished Mss of Astrology, Astronomy & Mathematics, IGNCA.
14. Manuscript Wealth of India, IGNCA.
15. Indic Manuscripts, IGNCA.
16. Unpublished Ayurvedic Manuscripts, IGNCA.
17. Jain Mss. Granth Bhandars of Prakrit Language in India, IGNCA.
18. State Policies in Ancient Indian Texts, IGNCA.
19. Manusmriti, IGNCA.
20. Sound according to different systems of Indian Philosophy, IGNCA.
21. Note on Madhu Vidya, IGNCA.
22. Concept of Ramarajya, IGNCA.
23. Illustrated Mss. of Gitagovinda, IGNCA.
24. Mss. of Siksha Granthas, IGNCA.
25. Mss. of Vakyapadiya, IGNCA.
26. Mss. of Paratrimsika, IGNCA.
27. Mss. of Manu Bhashya of Medhatithi, IGNCA.

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