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Sadhan Chakraborti
1959,  Male ,  Indian ,  Vice Chancellor

1. National Scholarship awarded by Jadavpur University under UGC CAS Programme for studying Master of Arts in Philosophy.
2. Gold Medal awarded by Jadavpur University for standing 1st (1st class) in M.A. examination.
3. NET Junior Research Fellowship awarded by the University Grants Commission, New Delhi for doing Ph.D.
4. Teacher Fellowship awarded by the University Grants Commission, New Delhi for doing Ph.D.


1. UGC nominated external member, DRS, Assam University, Silchar, (2011 – )
2. B.O.S. in Philosophy of Rabindra Bharati University (2012 – ), University of Gour Banga (2012 – ), West Bengal State University (2010-2014), Visva-Bharati (2014 -)
3. Examination Committee of Visva-Bharati, North Bengal University.
4. Selected Committees of several Universities in India.

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4. Ayer’s Two – Tier Theory of Language, Rabindra Bharati Journal of Philosophy, vol. IV, 1998.
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6. Reflexions on the Problem of Justifying Deduction, Rabindra Bharati Journal of Philosophy, vol. VI, 2000.
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11. On the Academic Stress of Students and its Remedy with Special Reference to Memory and Motivation, Journal of Department of Philosophy, Mathabhanga College, 2007.
12. Mental Health, Rights and Justice, Jadavpur Journal of Philosophy, 2009.
13. Belief and Well-Being in Indian Culture: A Search for the Root in the Upanisad in Sadhan Chakraborti (ed.): Belief and Well-Being: An Exploratrion of Indian Psyche, Gangchil, Kolkata, 2009.
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