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Sadasiva Biswal
1945,  Male ,  Indian ,  Retired Principal

Dr. Sadasiva Biswal, a retired principal, born 1945 in Orissa, got his PhD degree from Utkal University, Bhubaneswar. He worked as the Reader and Head of the Department of Physics of several Colleges in Orissa and has produced five PhDs. He has published thirty-five research papers and more than two hundred articles on science besides 14 books in Physics. Dr Biswal is associated with many scientific and research organisations in India and abroad, and is in the Research Board of Advisers of the American Biographical Institute Inc., Raleigh, North Carolina, USA.

‘Darubhuta Sammana’, Darubhuta Sanskritika Parishada, Nayagarh.
‘Vyasa Sammana’, Vyasa Nagar Sahitya Samsada, Jajapura.
National Scholarship (P.G. Level)
Member, Research Board of Advisors, ABI, USA.
Bharat Excellence Award, FFI, New Delhi


Orissa physical Society, Indian Physical Society, Indian Science Congress Association, Indian Association of Physics teachers, Orissa Environmental Society, United Writers Association of India, American Biographical Institute, North Carolina, USA, ARPA, Cutack; SCAAA, Bhubaneswar, National Academy of Science, India

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15. “The Dignity of Women: Trends, Challenges and Solutions”, Seminar Proceedings, UGC Sponsored, Department of Sociology, Nayagarh Autonomous College, Nayagarh, Orissa, January 2011.

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