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Rekha Rao
1951,  Female ,  Indian

Rekha Rao has a master’s degree in Indology from University of Mysore, India. Her interests in the temple sculptures have made her visit and study various temples in India. Rekha Rao is an accomplished dancer in Bharatanatyam and other classical styles, and is well trained in Karnatic instrumental music. She has the honour of “Natyaratna” from The Academy of General Education, Manipal. Rekha Rao is widely travelled, enjoys studying historical monuments.
She has presented three research papers for the “Visvakosha” — The encyclopaedic work on ancient history and archaeology by the University of Mysore. She has also participated in subject related seminars and is the author of the following books: “Therapeutics in Indian sculptures — Ranki vav, Patan”. Published by Aryan books international. 2006, 2007. “Apsaras in Hoysala art — A new dimension.” Published by Aryan Books International, 2009.

Recipient of ‘Natya Ratna’ from the academy of general education, Manipal

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