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Raghunath S. Pappu
1933,  Male ,  Indian ,  Retired

Dr. Raghunath S. Pappu is a scholar of international repute in geo-archaeology who has investigated pre-and proto-hostoric sites in varied ecological settings in different regions of the country. Of significance is his prehistory and Quaternary studies in the Kaladgi basin (north Karnataka) and excavation of Palaeolithic sites of Anagwadi (Karnataka), and Chirki-Nevasa, Wadoli and Inamgaon (Maharashtra). Among his publications, which include researchpapers in various national and international journals, are monographs on PleistoceneStudies in the Upper Krishna Basin and Man-Land Relationship during Palaeolithic Times in the Kaladgi basin, Karnataka.


Life Member, Indian Society for Prohistoric and Quaternary Studies, Pune
Member, Bharatiya Itihas Samoshodhan Mandal, Pune

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2. Geomorphic Setting of Acheulian Sites in Peninsular India, Recent Advances in Indo-Pacific Prehistory, Oxford – IBH, 1985.
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4. Quaternary Environment and Palaeolithic Cultures of the Ghatprabha Basin, Karnataka, Archaeology in Karnataka, 1990.
5. The Contribution of the Earth Sciences to the Development of Indian Archaeology, Quaternary Environment and Geoarchaeology of India, 1995.
6. The Lower Palaeolithic Culture of India, Recent Studies in Indian Archaeology, Munshiram Manoharlal Publishers Pvt. Ltd. 2002.

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