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Odile Saskia Schwarz-Herion
1970,  Female ,  German ,  Sustainability Management Consultant

Odile Schwarz-Herion (1970- ), working as Account Manager in an international enterprise, received her PhD degree in economic sciences, focusing on Sustainability and Environmental Management, from the University of Stuttgart-Hohenheim. An MBA as well as an undergraduate in law, Schwarz-Herion is speaker at several international sustainability conferences as well as author and co-author for international journals and books on Sustainability and Environmental Management. Her scientific focus is on Corporate Social Responsibility and social-ethical aspects in private business transactions within and outside the company.

Award of the Museum Society Ettlingen for outstanding achievements in Fine Arts on the occasion of high School Diploma (major: music theory, music, Latin), 1989.


SIMT Alumni e.V. (Vice-President 2003-2004)
Universitatsbund Hohenheim e.V.
Alumni Hohenheim e.V.
AMADE-MONACO (Association Monegasque des Amis de I’ Enfants)
World Association for Sustainable cultural and religious Diversity (WASCRD)
World City Bikes Forum
Tennis Association Red-White

1. “Die Auswirkung der Verwendung von Umweltmanagement-Systemen auf die Umweltleistung von Unternehmen der Privatwirtschaft”- Ergebnisse einer Studie in der Wirtschaftsregion Stuttgart im Hinblick auf das REMAS-Projekt, Zeitschrift fur Europaisches Umwelt-und Planungsrecht EurUP, Der Juristische Verlag lexxion, Berlin, 1/2006.
2. “A Case Study on Successful Municipal Solid Waste Management in Industrialized Countries by the Example of Karlsruhe City, Germany”, Journal of Engineering annals of Faculty of Engineering Huneddra, VI/2008.
3. “Karlsruhe – Cycling City Nr. 1 of Southern Germany by 2015?”, International Online-Journal Worldstreets, Paris, Volumes (Sections): and
4. Powerpoint presentation, Keynote speaker, and Round table chairperson: One case: India “Balancing tradition and progress towards Sustainable Development”, 3rd conference day EVS24 conference, Stavanger, Norway, 16.05.2009 (

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