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Mau Das Gupta
1968,  Female ,  Indian ,  Associate Professor in Sanskrit

Mau Das Gupta was awarded the prestigious Eashan Scholarship and the University gold medal along with many other prizes for her outstanding results in graduate and post-graduate examinations of the University of Calcutta. She did her PhD at Jadavpur University. She is an Associate Professor of Sanskrit in the University of Calcutta and was head, Department of Sanskrit till January 2016.
A Vedic scholar, Das Gupta has interests in various fields of literature. A poetess herself, she is also known for writing serious articles on various issues concerning Sanskrit and Bengali literature. She is a Sahitya Akademi Awardee (2015) for her translation of Hazari Prasad Dwivedi’s Anamdas ka Potha (2012) into Bengali. In 2015, Ramkrishna Mission Institute of Culture published her Gitar dvitiya adhyay (mul saha kabitay).

Eashan Scholarship for standing first among the B.A. Hons. graduates of Calcutta University (1989).
Jubilee Prize, Santamani Prize, Dayalchand Sen Prize, Padmavati Medal, Prasannamayi Prize, & Radhakanta Medal for the same. University Gold Medal for standing 1st class 1st in M.A. in Sanskrit (1991). ‘Sahitya Akademi Award for translation in Bengali’ (2016).


1. Member of Paschim Banga Bangla Academy (Publication committee & Spelling & Grammar Comm.),
2. Member of Board of editors of a Rabindra Rachanabali (in 21 vols.) & Bankim Rachanabali (6 vols.) two projects of Govt. of W.B.
3. Life member of the Asiatic Society (nominated member of the Publication Comm.)
4. Life member of Ramkrishna Mission Institute of Culture and a part of their major project of Bengali translation of the complete Vedic Literature in 70 vols.
5. Member of Board of Studies (PG) in CU and Howrah Girls College.

1. “Kautilya on Stridhana: A Diachronic Approach”, Prabandhamala, Vol. 1, 2002.
2. “The Treatment of Prefixes (Upasargas and Karmapravacaniyas)”, Journal of the Department of Sanskrit, Rabindra Bharati University, Vol. XIV, 2006.
3. “Panini’s Classification of Samaras: revisited”, Proceedings of National Conference of Dept. of Sanskrit, Howrah Bijaykrishna Girls College, 2008.
4. “Rights of Women in the Rigvedic Age”, Samskrta Bharati, Journal of Dept. of Sanskrit, Calcutta University, Vol. 9, 2010.
5. “Folk Elements in the Literature of Poetesses of the Rigveda”, Proceedings of Two-day International Seminar on ‘Contextualising Folk-culture in the lives of Women: An Indian Experience’, Women Studies, CIS, Burdwan University, 2010.
6. “Female Rishis of the Rigveda: Their Will and Woe”, Newsletter of School of Women Studies, Jadavpur University, Vol. 25, 2010.
7. “Voice of the Female Seers: Myth and Reality”, Alternative Voices of Anthropology. Indian Anthropological Society, 2012.
8. “Sekashubhodaya: Constructing Ethics Through Aesthetics”, A Comprehensive Study of Aesthetics in Sanskrit, Persian and Hindi Literature, Lady Brabourne College, Kolkata, 2014.
9. “Environment and the Poetesses of the Rigveda”, Samskrta-Bharati, Journal of Dept. of Sanskrit, C.U. 2014.
10. “Apala and Ghosha: Two Unmarried Women of Rigveda”, The Other Universe, Setu Prakashan, Kolkata, 2015.

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