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Masatoshi A. Konishi
1938,  Male ,  Japanese ,  Prof. Emeritus, Rikkyo University, Tokyo

KONISHI Masatoshi, born in 1938 in Akita Prefecture, Japan is Ex-fellow of Indian Institute of Advanced Study, Shimla and Professor Emeritus, Rikkyo University, Tokyo. Konishi studied in Graduate Schools of University of Calcutta (MA in Archaeology) and University of Tokyo (Ph.D course in South Asian Cultural Anthropology and Cultural History) and has conducted extensive fieldworks in archaeology and anthropology in India, Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Iran, UAE, Qatar and Bahrain. Konishi’s major publications include: Afghanistan (1968); Arts and Crafts of India (1977); Indus Civilization: Fountainhead of the Civilization of India (1980); Diverse World of India (1981); Aspects of the Indian Folk Culture (1986); History and Culture of Bengal (1986); Cultural History of Roads in India (1995); Primordial World of India: Life, Beliefs and Art (1995); Folk Performances of India (2002); and many other edited works.


Councilor, Ancient Orient Museum, Tokyo
Ex-Councilor, UNESCO Asia-Pacific Cultural Centre, Tokyo
Founder-Member/Ex-Chairman, Indian Archaeological Society, Tokyo
Member, Japanese Association for South Asian Studies
Member, Japanese Society of Cultural Anthropology
Member, The Society for Near Eastern Studies in Japan

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[+ Nearly eighty essays have been written in Japanese and published in academic Japanese and International Journals].

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