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Manashi Dasgupta
1928,  Female ,  Indian

Manashi Dasgupta’s (1928–2010) degrees in philosophy and psychology (Calcutta University, 1951, 1954) underpinned her research at Cornell University (Ph.D. 1962, for a thesis on Some Determinants of the Judgment of `Interestingness’). She served as Principal, Shri Shikshayatan College (1963-66, 1969-72); Regional Officer, USEFI (1967-69); Special Officer for Rabindrabhavana, Visvabharati (1972-82). She authored Samaj-Mon (Society and Mind, 1977), Chobir nam Satyajit (A Picture called Satyajit, 1984), Rabindranath: Ek Asamanvita Dvandva (Tagore: An Unresolved Tension, 1987/2015), Manastattva o Rajniti (Psychology and Politics, 1995), Meyeder Bhumika o Bhashya (Women’s Roles and Theories, 2003/2011), biographies of Ashapurna Debi and Upendrakishore Ray Chowdhury, a two-volume autobiography and many other fictional and analytical writings.


Was a member of the Indian Psychological Association
And of the University Women’s Association
And of the Editorial Board of Samatat

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