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Madhavi Bhaskar Kolhatkar
1950,  Female ,  Indian ,  Assitant Editor

Madhavi Bhaskar Kolhatkar is Pune University’s Ph.D (Sanskrit); knows German, Russian, Tibetan and Japanese; and has been at Nagoya University, Japan for her post-doctoral research in 1986 on a Japanese government scholarship. In 1987, she visited Nepal to participate in Gurumandalapuja – a project undertaken by the Department of Indian Philosophy, Nagoya University, Japan.
Started her career in 1973 as a Research Assistant in Sanskrit Dictionary Department, Deccan College, Pune. A Research Associate, 1985 onwards, Dr. Kolhatkar has published over thirty articles on a variety of themes bearing notably on Vedic ritual, religion, Japanology and Sanskrit literature, and has co-authored Pavitreshti: An Indian Fire Ritual.

1. Indira Behere Puraskar, by Tilak Maharashtra Vidyapeeth, 3rd November, 2014.
2. Awarded Pt. Satavlekar Puraskar for excellent work in Sanskrit, 19th September 2003.
3. Research article on ‘The relation between the Agnicayana and the sautramani’ was awarded the prize as the best paper read in the research students’ seminar in 1984.
4. Research article on ‘Anasthi ani Jaininiya Brahmana’ was awarded the prize for the best paper in Science section in the Brihanmaharashtra Prachyavidya Parishad, Sangamner, 1999.

1. Elected as a member of the Triennial Regulating Committee of BORI, Pune, 2002-05.
2. Editor, Veda-varta, (A monthly in Marathi), Pune.
3. Trustee, Pt. S. D. Satavlekar Satkar Samiti, Pune.
4. Trustee, Anandashram samstha, Pune.

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