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Gangadhar Kar
1959,  Male ,  Indian ,  Professor of Philosophy

Gangadhar Kar, at present holding the chair of the Head, Department of Philosophy, Jadavpur University, has been teaching Indian philosophy for the last thirty years. He has obtained the degree of Nyayacarya, Tarkatirtha and Masters in Sanskrit. His areas of research include Indian philosophy and philosophy of language. He has published papers in English, Bengali and Sanskrit extensively in reputed journals and anthologies. Some of his books are Mahabhashyam (translation in Bengali with commentary), Tarkabhasha, vols. I & II (translation in Bengali with commentary), Vyaptipancaka (translation in Bengali with commentary), Shabdashaktiprakashika (translation in Bengali with commentary) and Shabdartha-Sambandha-Samiksha (in Bengali).


Asiatic Society, Kolkata
Sanskrit Sahitya Parishad

Many Papers published in Bengali, English and Sanskrit.

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