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G.V. Tagare
1911,  Male ,  Indian ,  Maharashtra Education Service Class 1 (Retd.)

G.V. TAGARE, a former Member of the Maharashtra Education Service, retired as Professor of Education from the Government Secondary Training College, Kohlapur.
A versatile scholar, untiring researcher and prolific author, he has written on diverse themes from Indology, linguistics and education. In addition, his published work includes translations of over half-a-dozen Mahapuranas, critical editions of Sanskrit texts, and histories (in Marathi language) of Prakrit, Pali and Assamese literatures. Dr. Tagare is also known for discovering several old, unpublished manuscripts: in both Marathi and Sanskrit.

1. Pandit (Maharashtra State) 1996
2. Acharya Hemachandra Suri Puraskar, Delhi etc.


1. Ananga-Mangala Bhana, Bharatiya Vidya XVIII, No. 1-2.
2. Concept of Mahabhutas in Indianism: All India Sk. & Prakrit Seminar, Pune University, March 1992.
3. Concept of the deity early Jainism: Tulasi Prajna, June 1999.
4. Contribution of Puranas to the Cultural History of India: Journal of the Mythnic Society, Bangalore, Vol. 32, July 1991.
5. Dharmakathas in Pali & Prakrits Tulasi Prajna, 1994-95.
6. Economics of Inequality (J.B. Tilak) Reviewed in Journal of Educational Quarterly, New Delhi.
7. Introduction to Yogavasistha (Preface to 2nd Ed.) Published Motilal Banarsidass.
8. Kama in Dharma Sutras, Institute of Oriental Studies, 24 April, 1993, A Seminar per,
9. Keynote address to the International Seminar on Puranas, Institute of Oriental Studies, Thane, April 1989.
10. Lesyas (Ethical aspect of the individual Tulasi Prajna, No 3, October-December, 1991.
11. (Primal Elements (Mahabhutas) in Sthapatya: Institute of Oriental tudies, Thane, December, 1994.
12. Predictibility of earthquakes: Deccan Geographer, Pune, Jan-June 1992.
13. Puranas: Cultural & Philosophical Perspectives: International Seminar, Bombay, Varsity & K.J. Somaya Bharatiya Sanskriti Peetham Mumbai, January 10, 11 1998, Keynote Address (Seminar Address)
14. Sakti Temples in Maharashtra, Tattvaloka, Mumbai, October 1995.
15. Water Exploration in Ancient India, Deccan Geographer, Pune, July-December, 1992.

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