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D.D. Sharma
1924,  Male ,  Indian ,  Retired

Prof. D.D. Sharma (b. 1924) is a renowned scholar of Sanskrit and Linguistics. Besides a PhD in Sanskrit from the Benaras Hindu University, PhD and D.Litt in Linguistics from the Panjab University, Chandigarh – where he served for nearly 28 years – he holds diplomas in French, German and Persian. He also earned the highest Oriental title of Sahityacarya.
Prof. Sharma is well acquainted with nearly two dozen Indian and foreign languages and has to his credit 48 research volumes and scores of research papers on the subjects of different languages, cultures and literatures.
He was awarded the prestigious Jawaharlal Nehru Fellowship (1984-86) to undertake the linguistic survey of the Himalayan languages from Ladakh in the west to Bhutan in the east.
On his retirement (1989), he was awarded Emeritus Fellowship by the UGC for the completion of his 12-volume research project on Himalayan languages, of which 10 volumes have already appeared. He is also working on a 9-volume project on Socio-Cultural History of Uttarakhand, of which 5 volumes have already been published. His ambitious project, Cultural Encyclopaedia of Uttarakhand (5 vols.) is also under preparation.
The present volume is an outcome of the research project for which he was awarded the Indira Gandhi Memorial Fellowship for the years 2001-2003 by IGNCA.


1. Indian Oriental Conference (Life member)
2. Linguistic Society of India (Life member)
3. Dravidian LInguistic Association of India (Life member)
4. Linguistic Society of Nepal.

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