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  • Gitam Journal of Gandhian Studies (Vol. 6)

Gitam Journal of Gandhian Studies (Vol. 6) below

About This Book
Gitam Journal of Gandhian Studies is an interdisciplinary, international journal of Gandhian thought and practices, peace and non-violence. It publishes articles on Gandhi, his ideas and their application in the context of real-world problems and their resolution, ranging from rural development to global peace and from personal transformation to social change. It covers among other areas politics and public welfare, philosophy and values, education and personal growth, non-violence and conflict resolution. The Journal encourages critical, constructive and scholarly reviews and discussions with the goal of understanding the relevance and application of the Gandhian concepts and models.
In addition to research papers, the Journal publishes book reviews and readers’ comments, review articles of seminars and conferences, as well as calendar of events worldwide relating to Gandhi, non-violence and peace appear regularly in the Journal.
  • Binding: : Hb
  • 13 Digit ISBN : 2249-2240
  • Edition : 1st Reprinted edition
  • Year : 2017
  • Pages : 269p.
  • Weight (approx.) : 700
M.K. Gandhi                                                                                                   
On Economics
Compiled with an Introduction by Y.P. Anand
Mark Lindley                                                                                                     
Introductory Notes on J.C. Kumarappa and on the Relevance of Some of His Ideas to Twenty-first-Century Conditions
K. Ramakrishna Rao
Gandhi: An Organizational Guru: In Pursuit of Peace                                        
K. Mohan
Reflection of Gandhian Ideals in the Sustainable Architecture Hassan Fathy and Laurie Baker                                                          
Alok Tandon
Gandhi: Tradition and Modernity                                                                     
Manik Konch 
Gandhi’s Truth: A Moral Transformation from Mohan to Mahatma                     
Prasanta Sarkar
Voice of Women: Gandhi & Gilligan                                                                
Satyendra Kumar Srivastava
Gandhian Philosophy of Nonviolence and Its Significance for Global Peace and in Present Violence-centric World: A Critical Analysis                                                       
B. Sambasiva Prasad
Ethics: The Basis of Gandhian Economic Order
Nishikant Kolge
Was Gandhi an Advaitin: In the Classical Sense of Advaita Vedanta?                
K. Ramakrishna Rao                                                        
Gandhi’s Dharma: Unravelling the Essence of Gandhian Thought by Y.P. Anand
Nishikant Kolge 
Gandhi Against Caste by K. Radhakrishna Murty                                                                               
M.V. Nadkarni, N. Sivanna and Lavanya Suresh  
Decentralized Democracy in India: Gandhi’s Vision and Reality by D. Jeevan Kumar     
Pramod Kapoor
Gandhi: An Illustrated Biography, Lustre Press, Roli Books, 2016 by Sangeeta Bhamidipati                                               
Barney White-Spunner
Partition: The Story of Indian Independence and the Creation of Pakistan in 1947 by Rositta Joseph Valiyamattam                                      
SEMINAR REPORT                                                                                         

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