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  • An Introduction to the Ajanta Caves with Examples of six caves

An Introduction to the Ajanta Caves with Examples of six caves

Author: Rajesh Singh

Ajanta, a World Heritage Monument, houses an ancient Buddhist monastery that developed across two phases: the Satavahana phase (late 3'd c. BCE-1s` c. BCE) and the Vakataka phase (ca. 462-480 CE). It has preserved some of the finest examples of ancient rock-cut art, architecture, and material culture.
This book presents updated and new information along with the views of leading contemporary scholars. Information from diverse domains have been collated together: epigraphy, ancient Buddhist texts, archaeology, iconography, architecture, and art history. The development sequence as well as stories behind the wall paint¬ings are presented in brief.
Dieter Schlingloff's and Monika Zin's identifications of the narrative paintings are widely acclaimed. Summarized stories are presented here along with quality photographs. The identifications are major breakthroughs, adding to and improving upon, the earlier corpus by James Burgess and A. Foucher. The stories included here match closely to the painted, versions. The author Rajesh Singh has spent many years studying the art of Ajanta. below

About This Book
  • Binding: : Hardbound
  • 13 Digit ISBN : 9788170174530
  • Edition : 1st Edition
  • Year : 2016
  • Pages : 256
  • Size : 23
  • Weight (approx.) : 350

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