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  • Massage Therapy in Ayurveda

Massage Therapy in Ayurveda

Author: Vaidya Bhagwan Dash

Because of commercial value, a lot of emphasis is laid, nowadays, upon inventing new drugs and therapies for treating patients who have already become victims of diseases. Ayurveda, on the other hand, gives priority to and prescribes measures for preventing the occurrence of such ailments and for maintaining as well as promoting the positive health of an individual in order to keep him healthy and happy, both physically and mentally.
Massage therapy is one such measure. Though described as a preparatory measure before administering pancha-karma or “five specialised therapies” of the classical Ayurveda, its utility as an independent and distinct therapeutic measure is well recognised because of its rejuvenating effect on the body and the mind. If an individual desires good health, he should resort to massage everyday as a routine. In addition, it is invaluable in curing several obstinate and otherwise incurable diseases.
It is different from the massage which is given as a part of the modern physiotheraphy.
Because of historical vicissitudes, this therapy has gone into oblivion except in certain pockets of India. An effort has, therefore, been made in this work to elaborate the technique of administering this therapy along with all precautions to be taken. Both the classical prescriptions and traditional applications are taken into account in this work.
The primary purpose of this work is to invoke interest in this age-old health-measure among the physicians and scientists of India and abroad enabling them to conduct scientific research into its acclaimed rejuvenating effects and therapeutic value there by giving relief to the suffering humanity. below

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  • Year : 2002
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