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  • Bull in Early Indian Art - Up to Sixth Century

Bull in Early Indian Art - Up to Sixth Century below

About This Book

The work deals with various aspects of the bull as reflected in Indian art and literature up to the sixth century ad. Perhaps the first effort to showcase the representation of the bull in ancient India, it examines the bull’s domestication and migration, the Indian type of bulls, and the philosophical tenets associated with it and studies the importance attached to the bull’s physical form and its psychological characteristics, its relation to the fertility cult and its usefulness as a domesticated animal as reflected in ancient Indian art. 

It looks into the manner in which its significance was reinforced through art and the animal protected by associating it with religion — Hindu, Buddhist, Jaina and folk. Dr. Bhogendra Jha goes in-depth into the mode of revering the bull in stone, clay, metal and colours through modelling, moulding and painting: its depiction in coins, seals and sealings, and terracottas, with reference to different historical and dynastic periods. He includes depiction of the bull in prehistoric art and its description in writings, and also compares the position of the bull in ancient world cultures — of Egypt, Crete and Mesopotamia, for instance — with its position in ancient India to broaden the scope of the study. 

The book will be useful for researchers — beginners and established scholars — of early Indian art.

  • Binding: : Hb
  • 13 Digit ISBN : 9788124602553
  • Edition : 1st
  • Year : 2004
  • Pages : xix, 191
  • Size : 25 cm.
  • Series Number : 5
  • Series Name : Perspectives in Indian Art and Archaeology
  • Weight (approx.) : 700
  • Bibliographic Details : 59 Coloured illustrations, 95 B/w photographs, Bibliography; Index

This series covers studies on *Sculptures: Stone, Bronze *Monuments *Museum Catalogues *Iconography *Antiquities *Caves and Forts *Historical Places, Palaces and Edifices *Temple Sites *Various Schools of Art *History of Art: Mauryan Period, Sunga Period, Kusana Period, Gupta Period,  Medieval Period *Symbols *Idols and Images *Iconometry *Attributes and Objects of Icons *Mudras *Asanas *Vahanas *Hindu Deities: Gods, Goddesses, Matrkas, Their Different Forms *Monuments *Iconology, and Other Related Aspects.

Foreword by Dr. T.K. Biswas
1. Bull in Prehistoric and Proto-Historic India               
Bull in Prehistoric Art
Bull in Proto-Historic Art
2. Bull in the Early Indian Literature
3. Bull in the Early Indian Numismatic and Glyptic Art
Bull on Early Indian Coins
Bull on Early Indian Seals Sealings
4. Bull in the Early Indian Terracotta
Mauryan Terracotta
Kanada Terracottas
Gupta Terracottas
5. Bull in Early Indian Stone Sculpture
Bull in Mauryan Sculptures
Bull in Suiga Sculptures
Bull in Kanada Sculptures
Bull in Gupta Sculptures
List of Illustrations
Coloured Visuals
Black & White Photographs

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