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  • Buddhist Art of Kausambi (From 300 BC to AD 550)

Buddhist Art of Kausambi (From 300 BC to AD 550) below

About This Book

The Upanishads capture the quintessence of Indian spiritual wisdom — unfolding deepest, highly perceptive reflections on human existence and how it is related to the mysterious cosmos. Authored by enlightened seers over the period of 1500-200 bc., the Upanishadic message is a magnificent vision that raises human consciousness to sublime heights. One of the major centres of Buddhist art in ancient times, Kausambi provides evidence of an uninterrupted art tradition spanning centuries. Pointing to the scant attention Kausambi has received from scholars in the past, this work attempts to highlight its art treasures through a study of its stone sculptures. Based on scrutiny of stone sculptures found at various sites in Kausambi and its vicinity and housed in different museums, it presents perhaps the first extensive documentation of the Buddhist art of the region from the Mauryan to post-Gupta period. It examines in detail over 300 stone sculptures, paying special attention to their iconographic features, types of stone, techniques of carving, grinding and polishing and their aesthetic appeal. All this comes with a background throwing light on the history of Kausambi and its association with Buddhism, the early archaeological explorations in the region, and the individuality and uniqueness of Kausambi art as compared to Mathura and Sarnath schools. The book presents over 225 black-and-white and over 50 coloured photographs of Buddhist sculptures which are neatly classified and systematically analysed. It would prove invaluable to scholars and students of Buddhist art.

  • Binding: : Hb
  • 13 Digit ISBN : 9788124602263
  • Edition : 1st
  • Year : 2003
  • Pages : xxii, 342
  • Size : 29 cm.
  • Series Number : 17

The series focuses on *Buddhism, the Dhamma *Buddhist Teachings *Philosophy/Metaphysics *The Ancient Schools: Theravada (Hinayana), Sarvastivada, Sautrantika, Mahisasaka and Vinaya (Lu/Ritsu) * The Transitional Schools: Mahasanghika, Lokottaravada, Vatsiputriya, Satyasiddhi *Canonical Texts *Mahayana & the Mahayana Schools like, for instance, Madhyamika Yogacara, Dhyana (Ch’an/Zen) *Buddhist Tantrism *Doctrine *Logic *Psychology *Esoterism * Tibetan Buddhism: History, Sects, Shingon *Buddhist Ethics *Monastic Institutions *Evolution of the Sanghas and Their Organization *Buddhist  Ceremonies & Festivals *Popular Traditions *Rites & Rituals *Symbolism & Iconography *Buddhist Architecture: Monasteries, Stupas, Caves and Other relevant Themes.

Foreword -- G.C. Pande
Preface -- Aruna Tripathi
Indroduction -- S.P. Gupta
Transliteration Chart
1. Backdrop
Location and Identification
Kausambi as Centre of Trade and Traffic
Kausambi as a Prominent Centre of Art Activities
Previous Works
2. History of KauaambI
Literary Sources
Accounts of Foreign Travellers
Archaeological Sources
3. Buddhism in KausambI
Traditions about Buddha’s Visits to Kausambi
Royal Patronage
Buddhist Establishments in and near Kausambi
Schism in the Sangha and Kausambi
4. Early Archaeological, Explorations and Excavations at KausambI
5. Sculptures from KausambI: Documentation
Objects pertaining to Mauryan Period
Objects pertaining to  Sunga Period
Objects pertaining to Late Sunga -- Early Kusana Phase
Objects pertaining to Kusana Period
Objects pertaining to Late Kusana -- Early Gupta Phase
Objects pertaining to Gupta Period
Coloured Visuals
6. Sculptures from KausambI: An Appraisal
Mauryan Art
Sunga Art
The Late Sunga-Early Kusana Art: Transitional Phase
Kusana Art
The Late Kusana-Early Gupta Art: Transitional Phase
Gupta Art
Images of Female Devotees 
Mother and Child Images
Heads of Devotees and Bodhisattvas
7. Stone and Stone-Carving : A Study of Types and Techniques
Carving Technique
8. Summary and Conclusions
The Kausambi Region: Vatsabhumi
Archaeological Sites and Excavations
Art Tradition at Kausambi: Historical and Economic Background
Buddhism in Kausambi: Archaeological Remains
Buddhist Sculptures of Kausambi: A Resume
Was There a Kausambi School of Art?
Art Tradition at Kausambi: Its Significance and Place in Indian Art

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