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  • Aspects of Tantra Yoga

Aspects of Tantra Yoga

Author: Debabrata Sen Sharma

The distinguishing feature of all schools of Indian philosophy in general is that these do not remain content with merely enunciating the metaphysical tenets of the particular school, but they also set up the spiritual goal before the seekers, prescribing the modes of spiritual discipline to reach it. Spiritual discipline or Yoga therefore constitutes an inseparable part of the philosophy of every school. This is very true especially in the case of Tantric schools, in which spiritual practices or sadhana kriya dominate. The performance of kriya in the prescribed manner forms an integral part of all texts dealing with Tantra Yoga.
This book opens with an account of the nature, origin and development of Shaiva-Shakta Tantras, their classification under different schools, the wealth of literature available belonging to these schools, etc. It also sheds light on the principal metaphysical tenets of Shaiva and Shakta Tantras, relevant to the study of Tantra-Yoga. The topics covered in this book are the concepts of divine Grace or shaktipata, guru and his different kinds, the process of initiation (diksha) and its varieties, mantra’s nature and place in sadhana kriya, different modes of spiritual discipline, Kundalini Yoga, the highest spiritual goal, etc.
This book attempts to remove the misconceptions widespread in the academic world about the theory and practice of Tantra-Yoga, which have been deliberately kept secret by the practitioners to prevent their misuse by unscrupulous persons. below

About This Book
  • Binding: : Hardbound
  • 13 Digit ISBN : 9788170174530
  • Edition : 1st Edition
  • Year : 2016
  • Pages : 162
  • Size : 23
  • Weight (approx.) : 350

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