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Glorious Life After Death

The book explores the concept and experiences of life after death based on religious insights on the subject and experiences of human souls on the threshold of death as recounted by doctors. It examines the sacred texts of reli below

About This Book

The book explores the concept and experiences of life after death based on religious insights on the subject and experiences of human souls on the threshold of death as recounted by doctors. It examines the sacred texts of religions, like the Holy Bible, the Vedas, the Shrimad Bhagavad Gita and the Upanishads for a broad understanding of the subject. It deals in particular with aspects of life after death as detailed by Christianity: the General Resurrection, Last Judgement, Hades, Paradise, Heaven and Hell, the concept of the Son of God and His dying on the cross as propitiation for the sins of man. It elaborates on the experiences of the soul after death and on the life after death as such by thoroughly studying the Bible. It reveals Biblical insights on Satanic deceits to enter the minds of people who are spiritually devoted, the soul departing from the physical body, and compassion, solace and love in the spiritual world.

The volume showcases the experiences of those nearing death which include new feelings and sensations as a spiritual being, meeting with other spirits and viewing the Light, that is, Christ Himself when passing through death. Mr Isaac emphasises the need to be faithful and perform acts of divine love and righteousness in all sincerity in order to prepare oneself for the eternal life in the hereafter.

  • Binding: : Paperback
  • 13 Digit ISBN : 9788124603758
  • 10 Digit ISBN : 8124603758
  • Edition : 1st edition
  • Year : 2007
  • Pages : xvi, 205 p.
  • Size : 22
  • Weight (approx.) : 250
  • Bibliographic Details : Bibliography; Index

1. Death

The Gateway to a Glorious Life in Eternity
Human Life
Man Created in the image of God 
God's Purpose in Creating Man
So Sure a Happening
Death, a Marvellous Phenomenon
The Fear of Death
Fear of Death is the Guard of Life
The Death Pain
Death, a Necessity of Nature
Life Period -- Only One Chance to Win the Reward
Earthly Life is Race to a Goal
The Greatest Benefit of Death
The Relief by Death
A Witness Received About the Experience of the Other World
An Incident of a Dead Person Coming Back to Life

2. After Death Experiences

Experiences of the Soul that Departs from the Physical body 
The Light of the World
Those who Come for Companionship in the Spiritual World
The Shining Vestment of Righteousness One Gets After Death  
The Creator who has Bedecked Man in Vestments of Glory Even from the Beginning of Creation
The Fabric of Love and the Fond Memories Continue Unaffected Even in the Life After Death
Where Abide the Spirits of the Faithful Departed?
Modes of Communication in the Spiritual World
Communication that does not Require Sound Wave, and no Audiometric Hearing
The Holy Place of Utmost Transparency for Expectant Souls -- The Luminous Abode of Mercy
Perfect Solace Beyond All Sickness and Suffering
Every One's Destiny is Individually Cared for
After Death no Human Soul would be Wandering about in this World
Misconceptions about the State of Departed Souls in the Spiritual World
Satanic Deceits in Parapsychology
Satan the Hypocrite Putting Up a False Drama through Departed Souls not Available for Prediction of Future
Satan who Handles "Truth"
Satan who has got Mastery Over Branches of Parapsychology like Telepathy, Precognition, Clairvoyance etc.
Hypocritically Acting as Human Soul
Actual Experience of a Young Believer who Identified and Vanquished Satan who Came Hypocritically Acting as a Human Soul
Departed Souls Get Separated in the Spiritual Realm

3. Experience of the Soul after Death -- From the Witnesses of Reputed Doctors

Criticism from the Clergy  
Research into the Mysterious Spiritual World
What Happens in Death? -- Informatory Witness from Reputed Doctors
When the Soul Departs from the Body
New Experiences as a Spiritual Being
Special Experiences in the Spiritual Body
Witness About Very Novel Experiences
Unexplainable Sensations
The Beautiful Spiritual Being, Though of High Transparency, is Incompatible for any Contact with the Physical World
Meeting Other Spirits
Visions of Inestimable Knowledge
Spiritual Helpers and Friendly Suggestions
The Being of Light
Consensus of Opinion Even in Sighting the Light
Evaluation of the Merits Earned in Life
Loving Embrace of the Glorious Personality
The Embodiment of Love which Extends the Earthly Life for Services of Love
Individual Witness Educative

4. Experience of Coming Back to Worldly Life

From the Witnesses of Eminent Doctors
Grace Granted on True Earnest Living
God's Grace that Grants Opportunities
Mysterious Dispensation of God
For Duties Yet to be Fulfilled
Ennobled Living in the Resuscitated Life
Dedicated Life with no Fear of Death
State of Happiness After Death
Re-establishment of Love Bonds in Eternity
Marvellous is the Understanding Capacity of the Soul
Soul Called Back to the Body to Continue Life in this World 
Scientific Case of Existence of Human Soul
Near Death Experience (NDE) and Out of Body Experience (OBE)
There is Something that Lives After We Die
A Serious Subject for Re-thinking by Medical Experts

5. Hints in the Holy Bible about the Life After Death

A Promise in the Bible About the Life After Death
Danger Signals in the Life After Death
Where would be the Soul of the Faithful in the Life After Death? What would be their experiences? Christ's Entry into Hades
Entry into the Lost Paradise
God's Righteousness in Granting an Opportunity to all Mankind as Given to Adam
The Gospel Granting the Grace of Propitiation of Sins Even After Death
The Refuge and Hope in the Life After Death
Non-Christians are also Entitled to Salvation by Faith
Baptism of Salvation from Water and Spirit -- Spiritual Re-Birth in Earthly life and Life After Death
Work of the Holy Spirit that Prevails in the Life After Death
Souls which do not Get Propitiation of Sins Even in the Life After Death 
Worldly Life in which Shines the Faith in Action
Blasphemy Against the Holy Spirit -- If the Conscience is Paralysed by Self-justification and Hardened without Compunction

6. Worship and Intercessory prayer in earthly life and in the Life After Death

In the Earthly Life
Faith and Theophanic Revelations in Human Mind
In the Life After Death

(A) Divine Worship and Communion with God by the Souls of the Faithful Departed
(B) Intercession by the faithful departed for the beloved in the world
(C) The Grace of Justification Acquired by Deeds Carried to the Life After Death and Grace of Justification by Faith Acquired through Intercessory Prayers of the Beloved in the World
(D) Communion with God in the earthly life continues in the after-death life also as a profound ecstasy

7. Second Coming of the Lord Jesus Christ, Resurrection of the Dead and the Final

Second Coming of the Lord Jesus Christ
Resurrection of the Dead -- A Great Event to Precede the Day of Last Judgement
The Glorious Hope of the Resurrection
Resurrecting Body would be Glorified and Individually Identifiable
In Resurrection it is Rising up Like Angels
Transformation of those Alive at the Time of the Lord?s Second Coming
The Body Transformed is Glorified
How this Happens?
In Resurrection the Soul Becomes Identified to Christ the First Fruits
Adam the First Man of the Earth is Garmented in the Image of the Heavenly Second Adam (Christ)
Transformation to the Image of the Heavenly One
The Heavenly Lord Incarnated as Earthly Man to Transform the Earthly Man as Heavenly
Specialties of the Heavenly Body

8. The Final Judgement

And it is Appointed unto Men Once to Die and then the Judgement
Everything Good or Bad Seen Openly
Faith in Christ as the Covenant of Salvation in the Life After Death Also
God shall Wipe Away All Tears from their Eyes
God's Son Became Son of Man to Make Sons of Man God?s Sons
Dispensation of the Final Judgement
God is Love
Love-based Life, the Experience of Abiding in God
The Attitude we Foster should be the One that Christ Jesus had 
Living in Universal Brotherhood is the Decisive Factor in the Final Judgement
Preparedness to Face the Last Judgement with Hope

9. Heaven, Hell, Paradise and Hades

To Paradise or to Hades?
The Spiritual World that Encompasses Us
In the Book of Life
There is None Righteous, no not One
Hell-worthy Souls -- Sin against the Holy Spirit
The Righteousness of God that gives Opportunity to those who could not Know Christ in their Earthly Life, so that they may Know Him in the Life After Death
Grant of Special Grace in the Life After Death
Though Beloved Servants, for any Sins Due to Human Weakness there is Redemption on Merit of their Righteous Deeds
Justification by Faith is the Grace for Deliverance from Hades
By Faith from Hades to Paradise
Punishments Commensurate with the Seriousness of the Violation, is God?s Righteousness in Redeeming Sinners from Hades
Torments Leading to Contrition and Change of Heart
Christ the Good Shepherd who is having Steadfast Love is the Redeemer from Hades
Sins for which Remission may be Granted or not Granted
Diversities of Spiritual Virtues in the Glorious Life After Death
Theophanic Inspirations Leading to Christophanic Revelations
All Righteous Souls, Irrespective of Caste, Creed or Nationality are Eligible for Paradise by the Grace of Christophany
Multi Faceted Individual Virtues in the Life After Death -- Shining of the Righteous
Spiritual Virtues Acquired Immensely in Paradise, are Qualifying for Entry into Heaven
The Magnificent Garment Merited by Acts of Righteousness -- The Wedding Garment
But they who were Bidden were not Worthy
Without Wedding Garment
Attaining Perfection in Paradise the Place of Justification
Those who are Ready to Receive the Bridegroom Went with Him to the Wedding Feast

10. Heaven

An Absolutely Trustworthy Promise
Christ the Only Way to Reach Heaven
The Excellence Required for Entry into Heaven
Deserving the Father's Blessings
"Inasmuch as ye have Done it unto One of the Least of these my Brethren ye have Done it unto me" Perfect Justification by Faith and Action
Action-oriented Life on Earth is the Training Period to Attain Covetable Positions in Heaven 
Parable of the Talents -- Positions of Honour in the Life After Death
Development of One's Born Talents and their Dedication
Child-like Dependence Makes Dedication Blessed

11. Hell

Hell the Experience of Sans Love in which Lust and Selfishness Predominate
He who does not Show Mercy will not Get Mercy
The way to Hell is Pleasant and Easy
Damnation of Hell

12. Conclusion

Eternal Vigilance against Satan's Hatred
The Righteous shall Shine Like the Sun
To Higher and more Glorious Status than Archangels as Sons of God
Heirs of God and Joint Heirs with Christ
Glory of the Redeemed Souls in the Life After Death
Love Welcomes Love
Death is the Door that Opens the Way Through Christ to the Eternal Bliss 
Table of Bible Quotations


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