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  • History of the Christian Church (7 vols set)

History of the Christian Church (7 vols set)

Author: Philip Schaff

History of the Christian Church brings out a captivating blend of human history and God’s providence. This realistically depicting work digs out those important aspects that are actually missing in modern historical narratives. Moreover, the facts and figures for each period of History are backed by copious footnotes and scriptural references. The pragmatic outlook scrupulously frames out a roadmap to help the Church in knowing, where they were and where they have to move ahead. 
The author starts with an examination of the preparation for Christianity in Judaism and the heathen world. The expedition moves on to enshrine intermediate phases of this historical compendium, i.e., Nicene Christianity, Mediaeval Christianity, and Middle Ages. In its concluding section, it sets forth a general introduction to modern church history and a thorough analysis of the fruitful era of the Reformation, thereby encapsulating Protestant and Calvinistic movements started by Martin Luther, Huldreich Zwingli and John Calvin; in Germany and Switzerland to the close of the 16th century. Also, it beautifully presents the life & resurrection of Jesus Christ, and biographical sketches of various historical personalities. 
This intelligible woven Church History covers each and every aspect of the subject in 7 vols. (8 physical volumes). Inter-alia Vol. 1 covers Apostolic Christianity, A.D. 1-100; Vol. 2 focuses on Ante-Nicene Christianity, A.D. 100-325; Vol. 3 is all about Nicene and Post-Nicene Christianity (The Church in Union with the Roman Empire) from Constantine the Great to Gregory the Great, A.D. 311-590; Vol. 4 highlights Mediaeval Christianity (The Church Among the Barbarians) from Gregory I to Gregory VII, A.D. 590-1073; Vol. 5 (Part I) brings into limelight Middle Ages from Gregory VII to Boniface VIII, A.D. 1049-1294; Vol. 5 (Part II) talks about Middle Ages from Boniface VIII to Martin Luther, A.D. 1294-1517; Vol. 6 breaks the dawn of the Reformation by detailing on Modern Christianity, The German Reformation till the Diet of Augsburg, A.D. 1517-1530; and Vol. 7 continues to enshrine period of Modern Christianity by showcasing The Swiss  Reformation, A.D. 1519-1605.  
This laborious research work is equipped with Footnotes, Charts, Illustrations, Maps, Tables, Appendices, Indexes, and Addendas wherever required. The book will certainly lure the interest of Historians, Theologians, Missionaries, Philosophers, Church Ministers, Christian Laity, Church Clergies, Church Libraries, Christian Colleges, Seminaries & Institutions, Researchers and Students, alike. below

About This Book
  • Binding: : Hardbound
  • 13 Digit ISBN : 9788170174530
  • Edition : 1st Edition
  • Year : 2016
  • Size : 25
  • Weight (approx.) : 350

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