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  • Mughal Inlay Art

Mughal Inlay Art

The book studies ‘INLAY’ art as it developed in Mughal Architecture indigenously, from Humayun to Shah Jehan (c. 1535 to 1658 ad), landmark examples of which have been illustrated. Mughal inlay is architectural, and it is a misnomer to brand it: ‘pietra-dura’ which was a florentine picture-art used on wooden furniture. ‘Orpheus Plaques’ which led the colonial historians to trace origin of Mughal inlay to Florence, were imported ready-made and there is no other example of Florentine pietra-dura. Inlay is the most distinctive characteristic of Mughal Architecture and study of its growth and development, to the elegance of the Taj dados, the chef d’oeu-vre of Indian art, is historically as enlightening, as interesting it is artistically. below

About This Book
  • Binding: : Pb
  • 13 Digit ISBN : 9788124602614
  • Edition : 1st
  • Year : 2004
  • Pages : 116
  • Size : 22cm.

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