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Cyclic Universe

Cycle of the Creation, Evolution, Involution and Dissolution of the Universe

Has the universe a beginning? Was it created? Who, then, is its creator? Or, alternately, is the universe uncreated? Is it beginningless and endless, with, of course, continual changes? Synthesizing the cumulative knowledge of below

About This Book

Has the universe a beginning? Was it created? Who, then, is its creator? Or, alternately, is the universe uncreated? Is it beginningless and endless, with, of course, continual changes? Synthesizing the cumulative knowledge of science, philosophy, and relegion: Eastern and Western, including Vedic/Vedantic metaphysics, Professor Panda's Cyclic Universe looks afresh at these mind boggling questions -- which, ever since the dawn of human civilization, have evaded a convincing answer.

In coming to grips with the issues around the evolution of the universe: the grand cosmos, the author examines not only the whole range of creation theories: both religious and philosophical, but also the Big Bang, its rival theories and modified versions, together with all the recent advances in anthropology, astrophysics, cosmoslogy, Darwinism, molecular, biology, genetics, embryology, morphogenesis, neurobiology, and even computer science. Concludingly showing that the universe has been created, it has a creator, and the presently expanding universe will contract by a reverse process to be finally dissolved in the power of Brahman, Professor Panda's insightful analyses corroborate the Vedantic worldview of the cyclic phenomenon of the origin, sustenance and dissolution of the Universe.

Offering an original, well-integrated thesis on the baffling cosmic evolution, the book is bound to fascinate scholars and discerning readers alike.


Vol. 1: The Unsolved Riddle: Eternal, Created, or Evolved Universe

ISBN: 8124601917

2002, xxxii, 456 p.; Glossary; Bibliography; Indices; 46 Figures; 23cm

Vol. 2 : Integral Cosmology: Cosmic Creation, Evolution and Dissolution in Cycles

ISBN: 8124601925

2002, xv, 457 to 936 p.; Glossary; Bibliography; Indices; 46 Figures; 23cm

  • Binding: : Hardbound
  • 13 Digit ISBN : 9788124601907
  • 10 Digit ISBN : 8124601909
  • Edition : 1st edition
  • Year : 2002
  • Pages : xxxii, xv, 936 p.
  • Size : 23
  • Weight (approx.) : 1800
  • Bibliographic Details : 46 Figures; Glossary; Bibliography; Indices

The Unsolved Riddle:
Eternal, Created, or Evovled Universe

List of Figures & Tables

1. A Line Without  a Starting and a Terminal Point

Carvaka School
Mimamsa School
Nyaya-Vaisheshika School
The Phenomenalism and idealism of the Buddhists
The Atheism and Pluralistic Realism of the Jainas
The Philosophy of Evolution of the Atheistic Sankhya

2. The Creation Theories of the Ancient and the Medieval West

Ancient Western Philosophy

The Milesian Philosophers -- Pythagoreanism -- Xenophanes -- Heraclitus -- Parmenides -- Empedocles -- Anaxagoras -- Leucippus -- Democritus -- Protagoras -- Athenian -- Philosophers -- Epicureanism -- Revealed Truth -- Neo-Platonism -- The Religion of Mani

Western Medieval Philosophy

St. Augustine -- Erigena, John Scotus -- Avicenna -- Saint Anselm -- Scholasticism -- St. Bonaventure -- Thomas Aquinas -- Roger Bacon -- Farther March Towards Empiricism

3. Thoughts on the World in Modern Western Philosophy

The Impact of Early science on Philosophy and Theology
Emphasis on Experimental Science
Forerunner of British Empiricism
Spinoza's Monism: The Identification of God With Nature
Leibniz's Monadology
British Empiricism
German Idealism
Dialectical Materialism
Logical Positivism
Creation and Creationism in Modern Western Philosophy

Kant's Agnostic View on Creation -- Human Beings as Co-Creators with God -- Creation is an Eternal Process of Evolution

4. Species Evolution

Erasmus Darwin
St. Hilaire
Sir Charles Lyell
Robert Chambers
Thomas Malthus
Darwin's Preparatory Work Leading to Darwinism
Evidences for Species Evolution

Geographical Distribution -- Palaeontology -- Comparative Anatomy -- Comparative Physiology -- Comparative Serology -- Comparative Embryology -- Taxonomy -- Genetics

Mechanisms of Evolution

Lamarck's Concept -- Dawin's Concept -- De Vries' Concept -- Chromosomes -- The Evolution of Primates and the Emergence of Man

5. The Philosophy of Evolution

Herbert Spencer
C. Lloyd Morgan
Samuel Alexander
Henry Bergson
Critical Review of the Philosophy of Evolution

Herbert Spencer -- C. Lloyd Morgan -- Samuel Alexander -- Henry Bergson

6. Shri Aurobindo's Philosophy of Evolution

The Nomenclature of Shri Aurobindo's Philosophy
Reality -- Being and Becoming
Shri Aurobindo Versus Shankara
Nested Ontology of Shri Aurobindo
Evolution (First Phase)
Supramental Manifestation - the Final Phase of Evolution

7. Cosmic Evolution

Greek Cosmology
Ptolemy's Geocentric Cosmology
Copernican Heliocentric Cosmology
Galileo's Astronomical Discoveries
Newtonian Static Universe
From Small to a Vast World
Einstein's Static Universe
The Big Bang
Standard Big Bang Model
The Evolution of Galaxies
The Evolution of Stars

Red Giants -- White Dwarf -- Neutron Star -- Supernova -- Black Holes

The Evolution of the Solar System
The Evolution of the Earth
Synthesis of Heavier Elements

8. A Lot Out of Nothing

History of 'Nothing'
The Universe had a Beginning
The Steady-State Universe
Enigmas in the Big Bang Model
Flatness Problem -- Horizon Problem
Anthropic Principle
Designing and Fine-Tuning
Vacuum Fluctuation
Inflationary Universe
New Inflationary Model
The "Many-Worlds" Interpretation
Chaotic Inflation Scenario
The Cyclic Reprocessing of the Universe
A Critical Review of a Lot Out of Nothing

Vol. 2
Integral Cosmology:
Cosmic Creation, Evolution and Dissolution in Cycles

9. The Emergence of Life

Preparation of the Earth for the Emergence of Life
Vitalism Versus Mechanism
The Terrestrial Origin of Life from Inanimate Matter
The Extra-Terrestrial Origin of Life
Life Molecules
DNA Replication
Genetic Code
Gene Regulation
Genetic Engineering
What is Life?
Accidental (?) Origin of Life
Prana and Life
Inferential Evidences for the Existence of a Subtle Body and a Casual Body
The Purpose for the Emergence of Life

10. Mind and the Mental Apparatus

The Cosmic Mind
Individual Minds
Non-Neural Mind
The Evolution of the Nervous System

Protozoa -- Sponges -- Coelenterates 

Neurons, Synapes and Neurotransmitters

Flatworms -- Aschelminthes -- Annelida -- Arthropoda -- Mollusca -- Echinodermata

Overview of Invertebrate Nervous Systems
The Development of the Brain of the Vertebrate Embryo
The Human Nervous System in a Nutshell

The Divisions of the Brain -- The Medulla Oblongata -- The Pons varolii -- The Cerebellum -- The Vestibular Apparatus -- The Limbic System -- Hypothalamus -- Amygdala -- Hippocampus -- Reticular System -- Thalamus -- Cerebrum -- Pineal Gland -- Spinal Cord -- Peripheral Nervous System -- Receptors and their Senses

The Evolution of the Vertebrate Nervous System -- Some General Trends
The Experiencer

11. The Chairperson

Eternalism at Stake
Universe Self-Created Ex-Nihilo
Self-Organisation and Self-Regulation

Linear Versus non-Linear Systems -- Thermodynamics -- Thermodynamic Equilibrium -- Chance, Probability and Randomness -- Spontaneity -- Chaos -- Theory of Dissipative -- Structure -- Benard Instability and Spontaneous Self-Organisation -- Chemical Chaos -- The Role of Feedback in Self-Organisation 


The Germ-Plasm Theory of August Weismann

Developmental Mechanics -- The Vitalism of Hans Driesch -- Mechanistic and reductionistic Biology -- Organismic Biology -- Teleonomy -- DNA as the Guide of Morphogenesis -- Biological forms and Morphogenetic Fields -- The Hypothesis of Formative Causation

Instinctual Behaviour
Nature Plays Dice?
Will and Effort to Change
Evolution Under Chairpersonship

12. The Cycle

Linear Versus Cyclic Universe
Three Possibilities
The Search for a Subject
Not an Object, not a Subject
The Mother
Ishvara (God)
The Empirical Universe
Sportive Play (Lila)
Before the Creation of the Universe
The Cosmic Egg
The Superheated Cosmis Soup
From Akasha to Man
The Pendulum Swings Back?
The 'Heat Death' of the Universe
The Dissolution of the Universe
The Cyclic Universe
Types of Creation and Dissolution
The Vedic Model of the Universe
The Cyclist

Glossary (of Indic Terms only)
Name Index
Subject Index


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