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Abhinavagupta's Hermeneutics of the Absolute

An Interpretation of his Paratrishika Vivarana below

About This Book
  • Foreword By : Andre Padoux
  • Binding: : Hardbound
  • 13 Digit ISBN : 9788124605721
  • 10 Digit ISBN : 8124605726
  • Edition : 1st edition
  • Year : 2011
  • Pages : xvii, 332p.
  • Size : 25
  • Weight (approx.) : 900
  • Bibliographic Details : 3 coloured photos; Appendices; Bibliography; Glossary; Index

Foreword by Andre Padoux 

The Text and the Commentary -- The Tantra -- Abhinavagupta -- Vivarana -- Anuttaraprakriya -- Abhinavagupta's Method -- Addressees of the Vivarana : Prayojana and Adhikara -- The Context: The Place of the Text in the Tradition -- Hermeneutics and Tantric Exegesis -- The Problem of Translation -- The State of Scholarship on the Paratrishika Vivarana -- The Authorship of the Laghuvritti -- The Spread of Anuttara Trika/Parakrama -- My Approach -- Text Editions and Translations Used 

1. The Entrance Gates: Mangalashlokas (Benedictory Verses) 
2. The Supreme Dialogue

Guru-shishya Sambandha 

3. Anuttara: The Unsurpassable and its Meanings 

Anuttara as Bestowing the Perfection of Totality: Kaulikasiddhidam -- Immediacy: Explanation of Sadyah -- Anuttara and the Interconnectedness of all Things -- The Sutra: uttarasyapi-anuttaram 

4. Khecarisamata: Harmony with the Power of Consciousness Moving-in-the-Void
5. The Three Grammatical Persons and Trika 
6. The Heart -- the Resting Place of I-Consciousness 

The Possessive Pronoun : Mama 

7. From the Absolute to Manifestation: Anuttara to Kaulikasgrshti 

The Two Sections -- Pratibha: Illuminating Insight -- Pratibha, Grace and Spiritual Practice -- Nirvikalpa Samvid -- The Basis of Thought and Language 

8. Levels of Manifestation: Emanation of Phonemes and Tattvas 

Emanation of Phonemes and Tattvas in Verses 5-9 -- A Commentary on 'a' -- A Note on Method -- The Kancukas or Limiting Powers and their Seed-Syllables -- The Five Brahmas -- The Universality of Sound: Nada and Svara -- The Question of the Plurality of Languages -- The Four Levels of the Word (Vak) -- The Universe of Language: The Language of the Universe -- The Goddess Alphabet: Matrika and Malini -- The Specular Nature of Reality: Bimba-Pratibimba -- Concluding Verses 

9. The Core Mantra: Hridayabija, The Seed of the Heart 

Decoding the Mantra -- The Means of Entry into Brahman: Praveshopaya -- Commentary on Verses 11-18 -- The Relation of Time to Spiritual Powers -- Erotic Symbolism 

10. Transcending Ritual 

Knowledge Substitutes Ritual -- The Fruit of the Practice -- The Heart, the Resting Place of All 


Abhinavagupta's Personal Conclusion -- General Conclusion 


1. Verses of the Paratrishika 
2. List of Quotations in the Paratrishika Vivarana 
3. Stotra Fragments of Abhinavagupta quoted in the Vivarana 
4. Comparison between the PT Versions of Vivarana and Laghuvritti 
5. Abhinavagupta: Anuttarashtika -- Text and Translation 
6. Bibliography 
7. Index/Glossary 


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