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Kalashakti: Bhartrihari's Philosophy of Time below

About This Book
  • Foreword By :
  • Binding: : Hardbound
  • 13 Digit ISBN : 9788124607589
  • 10 Digit ISBN : 8124607583
  • Edition : 1st edition
  • Year : 2014
  • Pages : xi, 204p.
  • Bibliographic Details :
  • Size : 23 cm
  • Weight (approx.) : 450 gm

1. Introduction  

Kala in Ancient Tradition: Diverse Spectrum    
The Hermeneutics of Time    
Bhartrihari: Time, Ontology and Language

2. The Metaphysics of the Word: Bhartrihari on Shabdadvaitavada

Shabda as Brahman    
The Word and the World    
Nature of the World    
Shabda and Linguistic Communication    
The Problem of Unity and Diversity    
The Problem of Change 

3. Time as Power: Bhartrihari 

Kala: The Metaphysical Background    
The Concept of Shakti    
Kala as Shakti    
The Dimensions of Kalashakti    
Kala and Creation    
Akhandakala and Khandakala    
Kala and Avidya  

4. Time as a Substance: Nyaya-Vaisheshika

Kala as a Dravya    
The Ontological Angle    
The Linguistic Angle    
Nyaya-Vaisheshika vis-à-vis Bhartrihari  

5. Time as a Mental Construct: Buddhism and Yoga 

Time as Point-Instant: Buddhism    
Time as Atom: Yoga    
The Atomic View of Time: Two Dimensions 

6. The Concept of Khandakala: The Divisible Time

Bhartrihari on Division of Time    
The Nyaya-Vaisheshika on Division of Time    
Yoga and Buddhist on the Division of Time    
The Relative Priority of Past, Present and Future Status of the Present

7. Time and Creation    

Causality and Time    
Bhartrihari: Vivarttavadin or Parinamavadin?    
The Connotation of Vivartta for Bhartrihari:    
Differing Interpretations    
Bhartrihari and Shankara on Vivartta    
Time and Causality in the Phenomenal Level 

8. Kalashakti, Maya, Avidya and Shabda-Brahman    

Kalashakti and Maya    
Avidya, Kala and Shabda-Brahman    
The Phenomenal World and Change    
Bhartrihari and Advaitism: The Semantic and Ontological Perspectives    
Time and Action    

9. Conclusion  

Kalashakti: The Semantic Facet    
Kalashakti: The Ontological Facet    
Bhartrihari: The Darshanika  


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