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Indonesia (2 Vols. set)

Political History and Hindu and Buddhist Cultural Influences

The two volumes present a comprehensive study of political, cultural and religious history of Indonesia. Of encyclopaedic significance, they take up a whole gamut of themes relating to history, politics, religion, literature, a below

About This Book

The two volumes present a comprehensive study of political, cultural and religious history of Indonesia. Of encyclopaedic significance, they take up a whole gamut of themes relating to history, politics, religion, literature, art and architecture, and sculpture of Indonesia.

The first volume is on political history of Indonesia. It covers all dynasties/rulers of Indonesia -- from the earliest Sailendras of Srivijaya to the political scene in current times including the rise of President Sukarnoputri in the recent past. It covers a very wide range of aspects: struggles of dynasties, establishment of empires by the Sailendras, the Indo-Javanese empire of the kingdoms of Mataram, Kadiri, Singhasari and others, emergence of new cultures, decline and fall of the Hindu kingdom, colonial invasions and growth of nationalism.

The second volume begins with the history of East Timor. It makes an in-depth survey of Hinduism, Buddhism and Islam in Indonesia, covering their establishment, contacts with other places owing to their religious links, modes of religious worship and rituals. The art, architecture and sculpture of the country symbolising Hindu, Buddhist and Islamic traditions are surveyed meticulously. A detailed account of Indonesia's literature involves study of writers and their works, and languages and characteristics of the literature at various times. The volume discusses chronicles, historical writings, writings on medicine and on numerous miscellaneous topics, throwing light on their contents and styles of expression.

The volumes will immensely benefit scholars of political history, religion and culture specialising in South-east Asia and its links with other regions of Asia.


Vol. 1; ISBN 8186921389; P. xxix, 695

Vol. 2; ISBN 8186921397; p. ix, 696-1102

  • Binding: : Hardbound
  • 13 Digit ISBN : 9788186921371
  • 10 Digit ISBN : 8186921370
  • Edition : 1st edition
  • Year : 2007
  • Pages : xxix, ix, 1102p.
  • Size : 23
  • Weight (approx.) : 1500
  • Bibliographic Details : Map; Index; Bibliography

Volume - 1

1. Political History of Indonesia  

Shailendras of Shrivijaya 
Sanjaya Dynasty in Mataram 
Kingdom of Singasari 
Rise and face of kadiri state 
Kingdom of MaJapahit 
Malacca and the Spread of Islam 
Malacca's Goverment and Politics 
Javanese-Gujarati and China Trade with Malacca     
Malacca's Trade with Bay of Bengal 
Albuquerque's conquest and Portuguese Malacca      
Portuguese Relations with China and Influence  in the Bay of Bengal
Decline of Portuguese Power 
Arrival of the Dutch in Indonesia 
Arrival of the British in Indonesia 
Rise of Nationalism 
Japanese in Indonesia 
Republic Born 
Economic Problems 
Suharto President for Seventh Term 
Fall of Suharto from Power 
Habibie, New President 
Parliamentary Election on June 7, 1999  
Sukarnoputri Stakes Claim for presidency 
Sukarnoputri Becomes Vice-President,Wahid President
Fall of Wahid, Sukarnoputri becomes President    

Volume - 2

2. East Timor 

East Timor Votes for Independence 
UN Peace Keepers 
Peacekeepers leave, UN troops take charge 

3. Religious History of Indonesia : Rise and Growth of Hinduism, Buddhism and Islam
4. Indonesia's literature  

The Old-Javanese literature 
The Old-Javanese Ramayana 
The Old-Javanese Mahabharata 
The Arjuna-vivaha 
The Nagara-Kritagama74 
The Arjuna-Vijaya and the Sutasoma 
The Adigama 
The Brihaspati Tattva 
The Tantu Panggelaran 
The Kunjarakarna 
Medical texts such as Anda and Ushada. 
Texts on Erotic like the Smaratantra, the Angulipravesa and the Smararacana
Miscellaneous texts on Calendar, music, birds, animals, etc. 
The Middle-Javanese Literature 
Bali's literature or the Balinese Literature 
Balinese translation or version of Javanese works     
Religious, Philosophical, didactic and mythical works 
Kavyas or fictions in poetry 
Historical Poems  
Poems dealing with stories and fables  
Poetical works on other Subjects 

5. Art, Architecture and Sculpture of Indonesia

The Dieng Plateau 
East Javanese Period 
Art in Bali : The Early Indo-Balinese  Period 
The Middle Indo-Balinese Period 
Modern Period 
The Hindu Period in Bali 
Art in Borneo 
Early Islamic Monuments 



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