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Cultural Tourism in India

Museums, Monuments & Arts (Theory and Practice)

The book is a detailed exploration of various facets of Indian thought and life that make it a popular cultural tourist site for visitors from all over the world. It presents an account of India's people, history, national below

About This Book

The book is a detailed exploration of various facets of Indian thought and life that make it a popular cultural tourist site for visitors from all over the world. It presents an account of India's people, history, national flag and national anthem, dance, drama, music, painting, textile, pottery, food and drink, and customs and lifestyle that comprise the multifaceted components of India's culture. It describes all the major places of pilgrimage and festivals and scenic beauty in India, and lists state-wise a number of historical cities and sites that stud the length and breadth of the country, its attractive monuments steeped in history and its museums laden with treasures from the past. It brings out the special attractions in India for the western tourist who is primarily interested in those aspects of Indian culture that give a deeper meaning to life at physical, spiritual, mental and moral levels.

The work offers, for students of tourism, data on various aspects to cover their syllabus: national and international tourist flow, tourism-related organisations and conventions, eco-tourism, India's natural heritage as, for instance, its wildlife. It also gives an account of historical evolution of tourism in the world context. For professionals in tourism, there is information on organisation of package tours, tour circuits, tour planning, training of guides and marketing of tourism. Appendices discuss institutions where tourism is taught, tourist information centres in India and abroad, and tourism related periodicals.

  • Foreword By : Jagmohan, Minister for Tourism and Culture, Govt.
  • Binding: : Paperback
  • 13 Digit ISBN : 9788124602164
  • 10 Digit ISBN : 8124602166
  • Edition : 2nd Impression
  • Year : 2010
  • Pages : xxviii, 452 p.
  • Size : 22
  • Weight (approx.) : 550
  • Bibliographic Details : 11 Folded maps; 6 B/w photos; 54 Coloured photos; Appendices; Bibliography; Index


-- Shri Jagmohan, Minister for Tourism and Culture, Govt. of India


Transliteration Chart

List of Illustrations and Maps


Definition of 'Tourist'

Scope of Tourism

Abstracts from the Speech of Dr. Karan Singh

Growing Affluence and Aviation Facilities -- Economic Implications of Tourism -- Sociological Implications of Tourism -- Environmental Implications of Tourism -- The Role of IUOTO, etc.



1. History of Tourism

Tourism up to 1841

Modern Tourism: Phase I (1841-1918)

Modern Tourism: Phase II (1918-40)

Modern Tourism: Phase III (1945-72)

Sex -- Occupation -- Purpose of Visit

Modern Tourism: Phase IV (1980-2002)

2. India: Land, People and History

The Physical Background

Physical Features -- Geological Structure -- River Systems -- Deserts -- Forests -- Climate

The Population

National Symbols

National Flag -- State Emblem -- National Anthem -- National Song -- National Calendar

The Constitution and the Government

The Union and its Territory -- Citizenship -- Fundamental Rights -- Directive Principles of State Policy -- Executives -- Official Language -- Legislature -- Council of States (Rajya Sabha) -- House of the People (Lok Sabha) -- Qualification for Membership of Parliament

Glimpses of Indian History

The Principal Cultures, Dynasties and Rulers of India (3000 BC -- AD 1950) -- The Mauryan Dynasty (322 BC -- 185 BC) -- The Shunga Dynasty (185 BC -- 73 BC) -- The Indo-Greek Kings and Others Foreign Rulers (200 c. BC -- c. AD 320) -- The Imperial Guptas (AD 320-499) -- Imperial Kannauj (AD 606-47) -- The Early Chalukyas (AD 543-757) -- The Eastern Chalukyas (AD 650-1122) -- The Rashtrakuta Dynasty (AD 760-973) -- The Chola Kings (AD 846-1279) -- Sultans of the Bahmani Dynasty of the Deccan (AD 1347-1518) -- The Sultans of Bijapur (AD 1490-1686) -- The Rulers of Vijayanagar (AD 1336-1585) -- First Dynasty -- Sangama --  The Slave Dynasty of Delhi (AD 1206-90) -- The Khalji Sultans of Delhi (AD 1290-1320) -- The House of Tughluk (AD 1320-1413) -- The Sayyid Rulers of Delhi (AD 1414-51) -- The Lodi Dynasty (AD 1451-1526) -- The Sur (Afghan) Dynasty (AD 1540-57) -- The House of Timur (The Moguls) (AD 1526-1857) -- The Maratha Peshawas (AD 1731-1818) -- The Family of Sindhia (AD 1726-1827) -- The Sikh Kingdom of the Punjab (AD 1798-1849) -- The Nizams of Hyderabad (AD 1713-1948) -- The Nawabs and Kings of Awadh (AD 1722-1856) -- The Nawabs of Bengal (AD 1740-70) -- British Governors-General and Viceroys (AD 1774-1947) (Temporary and Officiating)

Presidents of the Republic of India

3. Museums Monuments and Cognate Subjects

Art and Architecture

Chronology of Early Indian Art Styles

The Religious Heritage

Traditional Arts and Crafts

Music and Dance

Food and Drink

Cultural Tourism for Domestic Tourists

Museums, Libraries and Academies

Museums -- Libraries -- Academies

Some Specialised Museums

Crafts Museum, New Delhi -- Rabindra Sadana, Shantiniketan -- Teen Murti House -- Nehru Memorial Museum, New Delhi -- Indira Gandhi Memorial Museum, New Delhi -- Birla Industrial and Technological Museum, Kolkata

Classified List of Art and Archaeology Museums

Andhara Pradesh -- Assam -- Bihar -- Chandigarh -- Chhattisgarh -- Delhi -- Gujarat -- Haryana -- Himachal Pradesh -- Jammu & Kashmir -- Jharkhand -- Kerala -- Karnataka -- Madhya Pradesh -- Maharashtra -- Manipur -- Meghalaya -- Orissa -- Punjab -- Rajasthan -- Tamil Nadu -- Uttar Pradesh -- West Bengal

Classified List of Science, Natural History, and Technology Museums

Andhara Pradesh -- Assam -- Bihar -- Chandigarh -- Chhattisgarh -- Delhi -- Gujarat -- Haryana -- Himachal Pradesh -- Jammu & Kashmir -- Jharkhand -- Karnataka -- Kerala -- Maharashtra -- Meghalaya -- Manipur -- Madhya Pradesh -- Orissa -- Punjab -- Rajasthan -- Tamil Nadu -- Uttar Pradesh -- Uttranchal -- West Bengal

4. Popular Religions and Pilgrimage Tourism in India


Important Buddhist Pilgrimage Sites


Important Jaina Pilgrimage Sites

Hinduism (Vaishnava and Shaiva Religions)

Important Hindu Pilgrimage Centres


Important Places of Muslim Pilgrimage


Important Places of Sikh Pilgrimage


Important Zoroastrian Pilgrimage Sites


Important Christian Pilgrimage Sites

5. Ancient Indian Literature

Sacred Literature

Secular Literature

6. Festivals in India

Festivals of National Importance

January 26 -- Republic Day -- January -- Kumbha Mela -- March -- Holi -- March/April -- Good Friday -- August 15 -- Independance Day -- July/August -- Raksha Bandhan -- August/September -- Khordad Sal -- August/September -- Ganesha Chaturthi -- August/Septem ber -- Janmashtami -- Muharram -- October 2 -- Gandhi Jayanti -- September/October -- Dashahara -- October/November -- Diwali -- October/November -- Guruparva

Festivals of Regional Importance

Northern India -- Eastern India -- Noth-East India -- Western India -- Southern India

7. Indian Food and Drinks

8. Yoga: Philosophy and Practice

9. Music in India

10. Classical Dances in India


Bharata Natyam





Folk Dances

11. Indian Architecture

Hindu-Buddhist Architecture

Rock-cut Monuments

Temple Architecture

Gupta Temple -- Chalukyan Temple (c. AD 500-750) -- Post-Gupta Temple of North India -- Later Chalukyan or Hoysala Temples (c. AD 1050-1300)

South Indian Temples

Pallava Style (c. AD 600-900) -- Chola Style (c. AD 900-1150) -- Pandya Style (c. AD 1100-1350) -- Vijayanagara Style (c. AD 1350-1565) -- Nayaka Style (c. 1600 Onwards)

Indo-Islamic Architecture

The Tughluq Period (c. AD 1320-1413) -- The Sayyid Period (c. AD 1414-44) -- The Lodi Period (c. AD 1451-1526)

Pre-Mogul Architecture of Delhi

The Slave Period (c. AD 1206-90) -- The Khalji Period (c. AD 1290-1320)

Mogul Architecture

Modern Influences

12. Sculpture and Painting




Mural Paintings -- Miniature Paintings

13. Applied Arts of India

Indian Textiles

14. Monuments

Standardised Facilities

Guide Services -- Visual Aids -- Book Stalls -- Site Museums -- Refreshments -- Lavatories -- Flood-Lighting and Son-Et-Lumiere

Arts, Crafts and Souvenirs

Accomodation at Outstanding Sites -- 'Quiet Enjoyment'

Monuments of Uttar Pradesh

Monuments of Agra -- Fatehpur-Sikri -- Sarnath -- Kushinagar

Monuments of Bihar

Bodha-Gaya -- Rajgir -- Nalanda -- Sasaram

Monuments of Madhya Pradesh

Khajuraho -- Sanchi -- Mandu

Monuments of Rajasthan

Jaipur and Amber -- Udaipur -- Chittrogarh -- Mount Abu -- Ranakpur -- Ajmer Mosque (Adhai-Din-Ka-Jhonpara)

Monuments of Tamil Nadu

Mahabalipuram -- Kanchipuram -- Gangaikondacholapuram -- Brihadishvara Temple at Thanjavur -- Mandurai -- Fort St. George, Chennai

Monuments of Karnataka

Hampi -- Aihole -- Badami -- Belur -- Halebid -- Somnathpur -- Shravanbelgola -- Alampur

Monuments of Andhra Pradesh


Monuments of Maharashtra

Ajanta -- Ellora -- Elephanta -- Karle and Bhaja

Monuments of Orissa

Konarka -- Bhubaneshvar -- Udayagiri and Khandagiri

Monuments of Gujarat

Junagarh -- Modhera -- Somnath -- Dvaraka -- Mount Girnar -- Bhadra Fort -- Jummar Masjid

Monuments of Delhi

Red Fort -- Qutab-Minar -- Humayun's Tomb -- Jama Masjid -- Purana Qila -- Jantar Mantar -- Kotla Firuz Shah

15. Other Places of Tourist Interest

Eastern Region

Darjeeling -- Puri -- Chilka Lake

North-Eastern Region

Tawang -- Shillong

Northern Region

Delhi -- Nainital -- Kashmir -- Chandigarh -- Amritsar -- Almora -- Pindari Glacier -- Shrinagar -- Gulmarg -- Pahalgam -- Allahbad (Prayag) -- Varanasi, (Banaras) -- Sarnath -- Jaipur

Southern Region

Chennai -- Kanya-Kumari or Cape Comorin -- Udagamandalam (Ooty) -- Kodaikanal -- Kochi -- Thiruvananthapuram -- Mysore -- Shrirangapatanam -- Hyderabad-Secunderabad

Western Region

Mumbai -- Aurangabad -- Goa -- Ahmedabad

Tourist Circuits in India

Delhi Zone -- Mumbai Zone -- Kolkata Zone -- Chennai Zone

River Valley Projects

Bhadra Project (Mysore) -- Bhakra-Nangal Project -- Hirakund Dam Project (Orissa) -- Tungabhadra Project (Andhra and Mysore) -- Nagarjunasagara Project (Andhra Pradesh) -- Tehri Dam Project -- Sharda Sahayak Project


Mumbai -- Kolkata -- Kochi -- Kandla -- Chennai -- Marmugao -- Vishakhapatnam

16. Eco-Tourism and India's Natural Heritage


Sacred Groves

Wild Life

Parks and Sanctuaries

Gir National Park -- Kanha National Park -- Shivpuri National Park -- Keoladeo Ghana Bird Sanctuary -- Dachigam National Park -- Corbett National Park -- Chandraprabha National Park -- Sariska Sanctuary -- Hazaribagh National Park -- Jaldapara Wildlife Sanctuary -- Manas Tiger Reserve -- Kaziranga National Park -- Bandipur National Park -- Ranganthitoo Bird Sanctuary -- Mudumalai Sanctuary -- Vedanthangal Water Bird Sanctuary -- Periyar National Park -- Dudhwa National Park -- Desert Sanctuary -- Ranathambhore National Park -- Namdapha National Park -- Keibul lam Jao National Park -- Wild Ass Sanctuary -- Bandhavgarh National Park -- Palamau Tiger Reserve -- Simlipal National Park -- Bhitarakanika Sanctuary -- Chilka Sanctuaty -- Sunderband National Park -- Nagarjunasagar Shrisailam Sancturary -- Nagarhole National Park -- Annamalai Sanctuary

Other Tourism Varieties

River Rafting -- River-Side Festivals -- Trekking, Mountaineering and Rock Climbing in the Himalayas -- Skiing, Ice Skating and Heli Skiing -- Camel Safaries



17. Tour Planning

Travel Agency

International Passage Booking -- Domestic Passage Booking -- Tour Operation

Tour Promotion

The Retailer -- The Wholeseller

Package Tours

18. Transportation and Accommodation Planning

Road Services

Rail Services

Air Services


Different Types of Accommodations

19. Guidelines for the Guides


Scope of Work


Guiding in Monuments

Guiding in Wildlife Parks

Subsidiary Duties of a Guide

Training of Guides

20. Policies for Tourism and the Related Organisations

Need for National Tourism Administration

Tourism Planning in India

National Action Plan for Tourism, 1992 -- National Strategy for Development of Tourism, 1996 -- National Culture Fund, 1996 -- Nineth Plan, 1999-2002 -- Delhi Declaration, 2001 -- National Tourism Policy, 2002

Information Centres

Tourism Training Institution

Indian Tourism Development Corporation (ITDC)

Tourism and Travel Organisations

International Union of Official Travel Organisation (IUOTO) -- World Tourism Organisation (WTO) -- Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA) -- Universal Federation of Travel Agents Association (UFTAA) -- International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) -- International Air Transport Association (IATA) -- Travel Agents Association of India (TAAI) -- Federation of Hotel & Restaurant Associations of India (FHRAI) -- Indian Association of Tour Operators (IATO)

21. Tourism Marketing

Steps in Tourism Marketing

Market Research in Tourism -- Tourist Market Segmentation -- Marketing Communication

Appendix-1: The WTO Global Code of Ethics for Tourism

Appendix-2: PATA Code for Environmentally Responsible Tourism

Appendix-3: Information Centres in India and Abroad

Appendix-4: Tourism in India

Appendix-5: Tourism Training Institutes in India

Appendix-6: Tourist Statistics and Earnings in 2000

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