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Republics, Kingdoms, Towns and Cities in Ancient India

Ancient Indian polity took a new turn with the emergence of republics in the post-Vedic age. The history of republics covers the period from the age of the Mahabharata to the fourth century AD. Dr. G.P. Singh here comprehensively, yet i below

About This Book

Ancient Indian polity took a new turn with the emergence of republics in the post-Vedic age. The history of republics covers the period from the age of the Mahabharata to the fourth century AD. Dr. G.P. Singh here comprehensively, yet incisively, studies the rise, growth and fall of republics in ancient India during the period. He has also dwelt upon the rise and expansion of kingdoms and growth and decline of towns, cities and various urban centres in different parts of the Indian subcontinent at length.

The work traces the pattern and functioning of republican governments at the time of the Buddha (sixth and fifth centuries bc) Panini (fifth century bc), Kautilya (fourth century bc), Alexander (327-325 bc), the Mauryas (321-184 bc) the Sungas (184-72 bc) and the Guptas later. The research is based on the indepth study of the epics, the Puranas, and Buddhist and Jaina sources which are supplemented by Greek and Roman writings, Sanskrit literary evidence and epigraphic & numismatic discoveries.

It delves deep into modes of expansion of territories, factors leading to urbanisation and urbanisation patterns, and town planning. It presents a picturesque description of the urban centres of north-western India primarily based on Greek and Latin sources and pays special attention to dates related to founding of republics and cities, their extent, their functioning as administrative and religious centres, the problem of their identification and references to them in works, and their place in the wider framework of ancient Indian polity.

The book will be useful to scholars and students interested in the study of ancient Indian polity and urban history.

  • Binding: : Hardbound
  • 13 Digit ISBN : 9788124602379
  • 10 Digit ISBN : 8124602379
  • Edition : 1st edition
  • Year : 2003
  • Pages : xxiii, 336 p.
  • Size : 25
  • Weight (approx.) : 900
  • Bibliographic Details : Bibliography; Index


1. The Post-Vedic  Republics 

Introductory Remarks 
Andhaka-Vrsni Samgha 
The Kukuras  
The Bhojas  
The Surastras 
Republics in the Time of the Buddha  
The Licchavis of Vaisali and the Videhas of Mithila  
The Sakyas of Kapilavastu 
The Koliyas of Ramagama 
The Moriyas of Pipphalivana 
The Mallas of Kusinara and Pava  
The Kalamas of Kesaputta  
The Bulis of Allakappa  
The Bhaggas of Sumsumara Hill  
Some Republics During and After the Time of Panini 
Republics After the Buddha and Before Kautilya 
Republics of North-West India in Paninian, Alexandrian and the post-Alexandrian Period
Preliminary Remarks 
The Kathaians (Kathas)  
The Adraistai  
The Oxydrakai-malloi (Ksudraka-malavas)  
The Siboi Or Sibai (Sibis Or Sivis)
The Agalassians, Agalassoi, Agesinae Or Argasinae (Agra-Srenis)  
Republics In The Neighbourhood of the Kingdom of 
the Elder Porus
The Glaukanikoi Or Glausai
The Abastanoi (Ambasthas)  
The Yaudheyas  
The Ossadioi 
The Xathroi (Or Xathri)  
Sogdai Or Sogdi
The Sodrai Or Sodrae
The Brachmans (Brahmanas)  
Some other Republics of the Punjab and Sindh  
The Madras 
The Audumbaras Or Udumbaras  
The Kulutas 
The Kunindas Or Kulindas  
The Abhiras  
Republics Under the Mauryas 
Some Republics in the Sunga Period 
The Ganas of Utsava -- sanketas  
The Salankayanas 
The Vamarathas 
The Arjunayanas  
Republics During the Time of Samudragupta 
The Malavas 
The Yaudheyas 
The Arjunayanas 
The Madrakas 
The Abhiras 
The Prarjunas 
The Sanakanikas  
The Kakas  
The Kharaparikas  
A Critical Assessment of the Functioning of Republics General Causes of the Decline and Disappearance of Republics

2. The Sixteen Mahajanapadas of Northern India in the Age of the Buddha  

Ceti (Cedi) 
Vamsa (Vatsa) 
Maccha (Matsya) 
Assaka (Asmaka)

3. Trends and Patterns of Urbanisation and the Growth and  Decline of Towns and Cities in Ancient India from the Post-Harappan Period to the Gupta Age with Special Reference to the Ganga Valley

Northern India 
Eastern India 
Central India 
Western India 
Southern India 
General Remarks 
Phases of Urban Growth 
Causes of Urban Decline 

4. A Fresh Literary Discovery of  the Seals of Dvaraka in the Epic Age :  A Supplement to Archaeological Discovery by S.R. Rao
5. The Emergence, Growth and Decay of Urban Centres in North-West India in the Pre- and Post-Maurya Period as Gleaned from the Classical Sources

General Bibliography  

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