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Puratattva No. 45 (2015)

Bulletin of the Indian Archaeological Society
An annual bulletin of the Indian Archaeological Society, has been offering for the last 33 years valuable informations, full with rich insights and innovative viewpoints, on the Indian archaeology that includes excavations, inscriptions, temples, mosques, iconic below

About This Book
An annual bulletin of the Indian Archaeological Society, has been offering for the last 33 years valuable informations, full with rich insights and innovative viewpoints, on the Indian archaeology that includes excavations, inscriptions, temples, mosques, iconic symbols, paintings, etc. This yearly bulletinis highly recommended for archaeologists, epigraphists, historians and research scholars besides the general readers having interest in such fields.
For detailed information please see Volume 1.
  • Binding: : Hardbound
  • 10 Digit ISBN : 0970 2105
  • Edition : 1st Edition
  • Year : 2015
  • Pages : xvii, 404
  • Size : 29
  • Weight (approx.) : 1650
Inaugural Address at the Joint Annual Conference of the Indian Archaeological Society, Indian Society for Prehistoric & Quaternary Studies and History & Culture Society, Pune, 6-9 October 2014 
B. B. Lal
Archaeology and Human Ecology of Late Pleistocene and Early Holocene Cultures in India: Implications for Transition to Agriculture
M.L.K. Murty
Perspectives on the South Asian Acheulian
Shanti Pappu
Linguistic Archaeology: The Harappan Language
M.K. Dhavalikar
Regional Diversity of the Harappan Culture in the Ghaggar Basin
Vasant Shinde
Relevance of Tribal Literature Penned by Raibahadur Hiralal
Some Observations about the Transition from Hunting-Foraging to Farming in India
K. Paddayya
Transition from the Hunting-Gathering Phase to Agro-Pastoral Mode of Subsistence in India with Special Reference to the Rock Art Sites in Southern Bihar and Adjoining Jharkhand 
A.K. Prasad
Indian Rock Art and Ethnographic Analogy
Sonmath Chakraverty and Ruman Banerjee
Recent Discoveries of Microliths from the Upper Johilla Basin of Amarkantak, Central India (M.P.) Vinay Kumar and Vishi Upadhyay
Comparative Analysis of the Seals in the Pre-/Early Harappan Period and Harappan Seals through SEM and PEAKIT (3D) Analyses 
Aymu Konasukawa
Recent Archaeological Investigations of the Harappan Site of Rupnagar, Punjab
V.N. Prabhakar and Shahida Ansari
Mirrors of Ancient India: From Harappa to Mahasthangarh
Shoumita Chatterjee, Sabikun Naher and Pranab K. Chattopadhyay
Taraporegarh: An Iron Age Early Historic Circular Fort in the Middle Mahanadi Valley, Odisha
Pradeep K. Behera, Sakir Hussain and G.L. Badam
Evidence of Stone Sculpturing Workshop at Sarnath in the Light of Recent Archaeological Investigations
B.R. Mani, Sachin Kr. Tiwary and S. Krishnamurthy
Further Excavations at Pakkakot: 2014-15
Sita Ram Dubey and Santosh Kumar Singh
Damana Vehara and Sankhya Philosophy
Farzand Masih
Pollutants as Catalysts and Accelerators in Rock Sculpture Weathering
D. Bhattacharya, D. Behera, and N.R. Sahu
Humouring Children: A Conspicuous Harappan Trait
J. Manuel and Arvind Rautela
A Sacred Bull Figurine from Dhalewan
Baijnath Dutt Awasthi
Copper Hoard Swords from Karempudi: A New Discovery from Andhra Pradesh
K.P. Rao
Stone of Death: A Note on the Dolmens of Maraiyur and Surrounding Regions, Kerala
Nihildas N.
Ecological Base of Early Iron Age Communities of Upper Wainganga Valley
Virag Sontakke
Educhutlakota (Fort of Seven Circles): A unique Megalithic Tradition in District Chittoor, Rayalascema region of Andhra Pradesh
V. Ramabrahmam and Siva Kumar Challa
An Overview of Recent Archaeological Investigations in the Middle Mahanadi Valley, Odisha
Sakir Hussain
Iron and Second Urbanisation in North India: A Myth or Reality
Mohammad Nazrul Bari and Mohamad Ajmal Shah
Recent Archaeological Discoveries from Kerala, South-West Coast of India 
P. Rajendran
Qal’eh Bibi - A Key Site for Historical Studies in Alashtar, Western Iran 
Davoud Davoudi, Seyyed Rasool Mousavi Haji and Abed Taghavi
Early Historic Archaeology of Mid-Tel Valley, with Particular Reference to District Kalahandi, Odisha 
Nalinikanta Rana
Early Historic Artefacts from Paal, District Aurangabad, Maharashtra 
Ajit Kumar and M. Mahadevaiah
Recent Archaeological Investigations at Rukhaegarh, District Nalanda, Bihar 
G.K. Lama
A Fresh Light on Chakra Purusha from Kakuni 
Ambika Dhaka
An Inscribed Image of Tirthaokara Aishabha from Mandl Dweep 
Kiran Kumar Thaplyal and Phool Chand Jain ‘Premi’
Deraniyagala, S.U., 2007, The Prehistory and Protohistory of Sri Lanka 
K. Paddayya
Paddayya, K., 2014, Multiple Approaches to the Study of India’s Early Past: Essays in Theoretical Archaeology 
Subhash Malik
Mabbett, Ian W. (ed.), 2012, Pracyaprajnapradipa (Professor Dr. Samaresh Bandyopadhyay Felicitation Volume on Early Indian History and Culture) 
Atul Tripathi
Kumar, Vinay and Brijesh Rawat (eds.), 2015, Mani-Sushma, Archaeology and Heritage (Dr. B.R. Mani Festschrift)
P.K. Trivedi
Singh, Birendra Pratap and Deepak Kumar Rai, 2014, Excavation at Khairadih (1980-84, 85-86) Amarendra Nath
Kumar Vinay, 2015, West Asian and Hellenistic Elements in Indian Art 
Sushma Mani
Sinha, Rajiva Kumar and Om Prakash Pandey (eds.), 2015, Studies in History and Archaeology of Vikramasila Mahavihara, The last Beacon of Buddhist Philosophy 
B.R. Mani
Shah, Ashok, 2014, Ashapuri: The Cradle of Paramara & Pratihara art — Temple unveiled
Rahman Ali
Kumar, Vijay, 2014, Flora and Fauna in Harappan Civilization 
D.V. Sharma and Pratyaksha Rajawat
Jayaswal, Vidula and B.R. Mani, 2016, Early History of Varanasi: Recent Excavations at Rajghat, New Discoveries in the History of Varanasi (No.3) 
Jam Sejal Dilipbhai
Dubey, Sitaram (Ed.), 2012, Methodology of Numismatic Study and History-writing 
Neelima Vasudevan
T. Arun Raj, 2015, Role of Satellite Sites for the Growth of Arikamedu as Indo-Roman Trading Station
Shampa Chakraborty
Report of the XLVIII Joint Annual Conference
Report on the Public Lecture
Report on the International Seminar
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