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Ashaben Lallubhai Patel

Nationality: Indian

Gender: female

Date Of Brith: 15/04/1959

Present Position: H.O.D. Department of Economics

Awards Received:

President of India Honoured and Awarded as best Teacher.

Academic & Professional Qualifications:

Bachelor Bachelor of Arts Gujarat University 1982
Master Master of Arts Gujarat University 1985
Ph.D Relevance of Gandhian Thought on Rural Industrisation in Indian Economy North Eastern Hill University  


Position(s) Held:

1 Lecturer in Economics 1992 Continue


Membership(s) of Societies/Association:

1. Managing Trustee, The Centre for Economic, Rural and Gandhian Studies, Rajkot.
2. Member of Executive Committee Gujarat Economic Association

About the Author

Dr. Ashaben I. Patel, a senior Lecturer, teaches economics in Smt. Meenaben Kaundaliya Arts and Commerce Mahila College, Rajkot. She has authored a number of books and also contributed various articles to different academic journals. Her papers have been accepted for regional and national level conferences and seminars. She has undertaken and completed ten research projects independently and is also associated with Centre for Economic, Rural and Gandhian Studies, Rajkot as Managing Trustee.

Details of Books/Monographs

1 Monetary Economics & Pubilc Finance Anda Prakashan
2 Comparative Study of Economics Systems Anda Prakashan
3 Development & Environment Economics Anda Prakashan
4 History of Economics Thought Anda Prakashan
5 International Economics Anda Prakashan
6 Banking & Financial Market Anda Prakashan
7 Micro Economics - M.A. Popular Prakashan
8 Principal of Economics Anda Prakashan
9 Business Economics. Basic Elements of Enterpreurship Anda Prakashan
10 Business Environment Anda Prakashan


Details of Articles

50 Articles have to bear published in periodical like Arthsanklan Yojna, etc.
20 conterenee/seminar, Research papers have bear published in conterence volumes from 1995 to 2011.
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Gandhian Vision of Rural Development

The contemporary relevance of Gandhian economic thought with special focus on the rural industrialization forms the central theme of this book. Policies related to planned economy after Independence have not brought the desired changes. Uncontrolled, unplanned and un-regulated industrialization and urbanization have led to many disastrous consequences. In view of this, the book explores the suitability of Gandhian model as a possible remedy for the various economic problems in developing societies. Thus, various Gandhian approaches have been critically analysed with regard to rural and farm development, utilization of human labour and their skill, development with equity, decentralized development, his vision of Gram Swarajya etc. The book also brings out the various facets of the different voluntary organizations working in this area and their constructive contribution.

The book, undoubtedly, is a meaningful contribution to the study of Gandhian economic thought. This will be very useful to the students at under-graduate and post-graduate level. This would also serve as a reference book for researchers, Gandhian and Sarvodaya institutions. This will be quite helpful to decision makers in framing and implementing agricultural, industrial and environmental policy.