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Sushil Kumar Saxena

Nationality: Indian

Gender: male

About the Author

Sushil Kumar Saxena (b. 1920) retired in 1986 as Professor of Philosophy from the University of Delhi where he started the teaching of aesthetics at the postgraduate level in 1964, and continued doing it till his retirement. The very first of the half a dozen books that he has published so far, Studies in the Metaphysics of Bradley (1967), had the distinction of being included in George Allen and Unwin's Muirhead Library series of philosophical works. Today, however, he is better known as probably the country's only professionally trained philosopher who has been writing on Hindustani music, rhythm, and Kathak dance for the last fifty years, fairly regularly, and mostly in the way of contemporary philosophical aesthetics.
Currently, as a senior Fellow of the Indian Council of Philosophical Research, Prof. Saxena is engaged in writing a comprehensive book on the arts in India as they relate to aesthetics today.
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